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What is the best solar energy solution for my company?

The decision to switch to clean and renewable energy has been made, but it is now looking to best solar energy solution for your company. How to choose? There are several options, it’s true. However, you have to find the one that suits your needs and goals.

All companies are different, but the interest in producing solar energy for self-consumption is increasingly common, regardless of sector or size.

At Advantages of solar energy for businesses there are many: savings, autonomy, less exposure to energy price fluctuations, sustainability and recognition, among others.

However, for each company to take full advantage of this choice, it is necessary to know how to choose the best solar energy solution. That is, the right solution for each case.

What to consider when choosing a solar energy solution?

If you already know the advantages of this form of energy and want to find a solution that fits your company’s profile, it is important to know what to look for.

Experience, credibility and a comprehensive service offer, regardless of the chosen solution, are key points when choosing a solar energy partner, to guide your company on this path towards cleaner and more economical energy.

Another factor to take into account is the quality of service provided before, during and after installation. And this is only possible with specialized and dedicated teams. Something that only an experienced and market leader can provide.

EDP ​​Comercial is a good reference, as it has carried out projects of this type with more than 2,400 companies in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Poland, Brazil and the USA. With its solar energy solutions for companies, the emission of more than 170,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to more than 7,000 trees, has already been avoided.

Know, then, what you can count on.

Before installation: the advantages of turnkey service

Not being a specialist in solar energy and having a company to manage, you probably don’t have, nor do you want to spend, time thinking about the technical issues of equipment installation.

Therefore, it is advantageous to have a turnkey service. In other words, leaving aspects such as the development of the engineering project, installation or certification and registration with the competent authorities in the hands of specialists.

Installing a production unit for self-consumption (UPAC) involves dealing with all these issues, but if you choose a company that does all this for you, you save time and money.

During and after installation: quality and guarantees

If the installation may seem complex for those who do not master the technical aspects, what will it be like afterwards? Issues such as preventive maintenance and equipment warranties should continue to be ensured.

When choosing the best solar energy solution, you should also take into account the necessary monitoring to ensure the best performance of your UPAC.

If, in the initial phase, you had support in the design and execution of the work, after installation it is important to have the necessary technical assistance. Access to reports and monitoring is another relevant point for you to assess the savings you get when consuming solar energy.

EDP’s offer is quite complete on both counts. So that you can carry out an integrated, detailed and real-time analysis of the production of the photovoltaic plant and consumption of the company, an online platform is available, simple, dynamic and user friendly??

With regard to technical assistance, EDP guarantees preventive maintenance to check for anomalies. During these visits, an assessment of the conditions of the facilities and their equipment is carried out, in order to ensure their best performance. Checking the status of the electrical connections of the modules, detecting possible damage and cleaning the surface of the photovoltaic modules are some of the tasks performed in these interventions.


As all companies are different, the best solar energy solution cannot be a one-size-fits-all formula. If some intend and are able to invest in the purchase of equipment, others prefer to opt for the service modality by paying a monthly fee (fixed or variable).

Thus, the best option is to have a tailored contract, adapting the available solutions to the needs of your company.

Get to know the conditions of EDP Comercial and see which model is right for you.


This solution allows the purchase of equipment to be made in cash or in installments. The number of monthly payments (between 12 and 60) varies according to the investment amount.

The payment method does not affect the conditions offered. In both cases, the supply and installation of photovoltaic panels and a consumption management system are carried out for 12 months. The customer also benefits from preventive maintenance for at least one year.

In this model, the assets are the property of the customer and, in addition to the 12-year manufacturing guarantee, a 5-year production guarantee is given, while maintenance is carried out by EDP.


If you want to benefit from the best solar energy solution without immediately investing in the purchase of equipment, paying a monthly fee (fixed or whose value depends on production) may be the best option.

In this case, you continue to enjoy the benefits of the turnkey service, but without having to make an initial investment. The installation of the equipment (photovoltaic panels and inverters) and the annual maintenance of the installation are the responsibility of EDP. During the entire contract, you have access to a consumption management system and a quarterly report with the savings you are getting when consuming solar energy.

In addition, you will have the same guarantees of proper functioning of the equipment that are presented when choosing the investment model.

The big difference is that, in this case, the asset is owned by EDP until the customer exercises the option to buy the equipment. You can do this during or at the end of the contract, at a lower price.

Fixed or variable monthly fee

in the model of fixed monthly fee pay the same every month. The contract, renewable for periods of 12 months, can last for 10 years and, during that period, you will always pay the same monthly fee. So you know what you count on, even if production or consumption varies.

At the end of the contract, you have three options: extend the service, purchase the system at a lower price or ask for it to be dismantled.

in the model of variable monthly fee, paid according to the energy produced. The price per solar kWh produced is fixed at the beginning of the contract and is not subject to market volatility. Which means that the customer benefits from the difference between the amount he would pay for electricity to a supplier and what he pays for the energy he produced. In practice, throughout the contract, you pay for the equipment with the savings you manage to make.

During the contract period, you can exercise the option to purchase the photovoltaic system in advance. Otherwise, this will be yours, at zero cost, at the end of the contract.

If you still have questions or want to know more information, you can contact a specialist from the EDP team to help you choose the best solar energy solution for your company and simulate your savings.

Solar Energy for Companies

EDP ​​Solar Energy solutions allow your company to produce its own electricity and save, on average, between 20% and 40% on the bill.

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