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What is the best easy MEI machine?

If you have an easy MEI business and deal with sales on a daily basis, you must have realized that it is essential to vary payment options. Research shows that almost 80% of Brazilians prefer to pay by credit card and this percentage has been increasing over the years.

Finding a machine for MEI that suits your pocket and your business can be a challenge for the microentrepreneur. There are several alternatives on the market, and it is best to evaluate each one before making a choice.

Here, we will present the best card machines for MEI and make it easier for you.

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What is the best MEI machine option?

The perfect MEI machine option for your use will be the one that best fits you and your business. Assess your work environment and segment: is it on the street or at home? Can you use the machine connected to the mobile phone?

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The criteria for choosing your MEI card machine should be the purchase price, the features present, the rates offered for debit, credit and accepted flags.

A Ton T1 Mega

The differential of card machines for MEI is its cost-effectiveness and this model from Ton presents one of the best on the market.

The main factor is the low purchase cost, 12x R$ 0.99 in the basic plan. It is connected to the cell phone by bluetooth and accepts the main flags, such as American ExpressVisa, Hipercar and Elo.

Debit and credit receipt fees are also small, starting at 1.45%.

InfinitePay Machine

Another option among the machines is the InfiniteBlack Smart. With attractive reception rates, the company is also betting on digital services.

The purchase price of the equipment is 12 installments of R$ 10.95. Sales have rates even lower than those of the Ton T1 machine, only 1.44% and receipt in up to 1 business day.

In addition to accepting approximation payments, printing bills and already coming with a multi-operator chip, the InfinitePay machine gives access to the check and digital wallet platforms.

The disadvantages are the impossibility of registering without being a legal entity and the few flags accepted.

Easy MEI card machine

Still not satisfied with the debit rates for MEI of the options presented so far? Discover the MEI Fácil machine.

With a debit rate of just 0.99%, it costs BRL 6.50 12 times or BRL 78.00 in cash. The machine also has several practical and easy-to-use features, and accepts all major national and international card brands.

Liked? Do you want to further professionalize your business? So, don’t waste time and make your plan with one of the card machines for MEI!

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