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What is the best digital bank to invest in?

What is the best digital bank to invest in anyway? In the past, we had to face huge queues to be able to do any action at the bank. In addition, there was often no transparency in the investment services they offered. That is, we needed to wait for the good will to be transparent to say which investments would be worth applying, so that the money multiplied.

Today, however, there are digital banks, which we will explain later on what it means and the advantages of electronic means in assisting in the care of money without having to leave the house. Also check out which is the best digital bank to invest in.

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What is a digital bank?

First, the digital bank is that financial institution that does not have a physical space. That is, everything in the company can be solved with a computer or mobile devices, through applications and websites to be able to carry out transactions, check the balance and resolve your doubts about the services.

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Currently, the digital bank has accounts that help you invest money and sometimes your income can be higher than traditional savings.

What is the best digital bank to invest in?

In the past, to invest, we had to go to the branch in person, talk to the manager and choose the best options. Today, only a chat conversation can guide you to take the most profitable path.

What is the best digital bank to invest

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Most digital banks provide for investing fixed income, investment funds and variable income. The banks that carry out this activity are Sofisa Direto, Banco Bari, BMG, BTG Pactural Digital, Nubank, Neste, Inter, Modalmais and C6 Bank.

But which is the best bank to invest in? You need to know your needs and understand what objective you want with the multiplication of this money. We will explain further ahead.

What is the best online bank to invest in fixed income?

Economists define fixed income as those that have investment rules, the most famous of which are the Direct Treasury and CDB. Its advantage is that you don’t risk so much in the investment, since the income is taxed monthly.

However, it is ideal for those who want to invest for the long term. But, if you opt for this type of income, the ideal is to look for banks like Sofisa, Bari and BMG, which have daily liquidity of around 110% of CDI?? Which allows applications from a small amount of money.

Which is the best to invest in variable income?

As the name implies, variable income changes according to market needs, which can bring excellent results right away, if you know how to invest in the right securities. Shares on the Stock Exchange, for example, are variable income.

The best digital banks to invest in variable income are Nubank, BTG Pactual and Next, since they are already accredited and provide the best securities on the market.

What about real estate funds?

Also known by the acronym FII, it consists of the purchase of quotas that represent the value of real estate projects, which can be acquired over real estate or securities.

If you want to invest in real estate funds, contact Inter, Modalmais and C6 Bank.

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