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what is the best app for browsing?

Another article that brings to the discussion a topic that is quite scrutinized by drivers: Google Maps or Waze? Which of the two applications takes the “cup” to the best driving aid?

Get to know the strengths and disadvantages of one of these applications, as well as the characteristics of both.

Google Maps or Waze? the eternal question

Let’s see, then, the definition and objective of each one, the advantages and disadvantages and in which situations one or the other should be used.

Google Maps

O Google Maps it is a Google tool. Although it doesn’t present Waze’s social features and extras, through Google Maps you can get to know:

  • Your route information (duration, alternative routes, distance, etc.);
  • What is the best route to follow (walking, car or public transport);
  • Get to know the region you are going through better (with information on places of interest, commercial spaces, restaurants, accommodation, etc).

Also, a big difference for Waze is that uses satellite images and Waze’s own traffic information.

On the other hand, it has street view modewhich allows us to “travel” at our pleasure through the places we want to visit.

Google Maps is best for…

For many, the differentials that we are now going to indicate are those that make Google Maps the navigation application of choice. Can you guess which ones?

  • Get information about public transport. Whether by metro, train or even bus, Google Maps has the respective timetables.
  • Get to know a place you are going to visit and consequently better prepare your visit. There’s nothing better than a trip with a plan in place.
  • It offers a fantastic exploration mode. Most inhospitable paths, hidden places, as a rule, Maps, thanks to the satellite system, offers detailed information to all explorers and hikers!
  • Ultimately, it is an excellent choice for all two-wheelers, especially cyclists. Once, it presents the information of the route contemplating the means of transport.

These points show that Google Maps is a pretty robust app, versatile enough to support your preferred mode of travel – whether it’s driving, taking public transport, walking, or even cycling.

In fact, let’s see its advantages!

Advantages of Google Maps

And it’s not just differentiating factors that the app is made of, it also has features that offer advantages in terms of driving and navigation. They are:

  • Comprehensive feature set;
  • Location point sharing integration;
  • Public transport timetables;
  • More information about places (Food, Accommodation, Fuel points, railway lines);
  • offline maps;
  • Real-time (voice) instruction system;
  • Enhanced navigation by satellite system.

It is a case to say, a true guide for our travels. And as for the disadvantages, what are they?

Disadvantages of Google Maps

  • Little driver interactivity with the system (other than choosing the destination)
  • Need to download maps offline;
  • The app sometimes takes time to find and follow the vehicle.
  • Impossibility of reporting any event during the course.

All these points also lead us to our overview of Google Maps.

You should use Google Maps whenever…

Google Maps has the advantage of having the giant Google behind it. It is constantly being updated with new features and functionality. For example, you can create your own maps and outline the points of interest you want to visit.

On the other hand, and with 3D technology increasingly incorporated into driving, Google is also working to add enhanced augmented reality instructions and other information on the phone’s display to better guide you.

Finally, to say that more than a support for driving, it is a support for all means of locomotion. Why is it so useful for drivers, with precious traffic tips, and for pedestrians who simply want to know better the place where they circulate.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Google Maps, let’s now look at Waze.


using cell phone while driving

O Waze is a navigation app with a social component. In such a way that, from the moment you start using it, it automatically learns your routes.

Basically, and just like Google Maps, also works like any GPSwith the added bonus of having the social aspect, which we now explain.

Let’s suppose you come across some mishap, accident, traffic or works, just throw an alert that automatically all other app users who are on your route will see you and avoid that route. In other words, it is a real-time traffic information system.

Still on this point, it is also a friend finder, imagine that you are waiting for someone, you can follow their arrival and know how long it will take if they have Waze activated.

Waze is best for…

Waze is undoubtedly better for drivers who use the car for any and all journeys day to day.

Not to mention, Waze was designed even for “these” drivers. With a few easy taps, Waze users can give alerts about traffic, accidents, speed cameras or even information to control speed and avoid fines.

On the other hand, and as we have already mentioned, it is an application that is in constant development, since it lives from this interaction with the user. Traffic information reports are a clear real-time advantage for those who need to “escape” sometimes from situations of greater embarrassment on the road.

In fact, let’s see the advantages of Waze.

Advantages of Waze

  • Real-time traffic created by drivers;
  • Alerts of danger, police, radars, works;
  • Solutions to save and save time;
  • Maps generated and focused only on traffic situations;
  • Motorcycle Mode.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, we have identified the following.

Waze Disadvantages

  • Ads in the application;
  • Little information about the routes;
  • Web link required;
  • “Thought” exclusively for drivers.

Basically, Waze’s disadvantages end up “beating” its great advantages, the fact that it is designed for drivers. And this fact is a disadvantage, since it is not just drivers who make the roads. Also other road users looking for the best transit solutions when they want to go from point A to point B.

You should use Waze whenever…

Waze is a great resource for drivers. Whether going to work or even taking a longer trip. In turn, with the Motorcycle mode, it adds another value to its range of functions.

The only problem? Although Waze is free, it still has a lot of ads and there is no premium version. And if there is no control, the driver is easily mistaken and loses the information that was available.

That said, who will be the winner of this battle of the titans between Google Maps or Waze?

Google Maps or Waze? Final considerations

Have you noticed that Google Maps shows all the information about the route you are going to follow. As for Waze, all you care about is that you save time getting to your destination.

But in this “fight”, Google Maps or Waze, which one is better? In fact, it’s up to your choice. Waze is yet another application that helps in everyday life (home-work and vice versa), while Google Maps helps in any circumstance, even when we move to the pedestrian side.

Therefore, since they are different, you should always have both installed and thus use them depending on the nature of your trip.

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