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What is the amount of sickness benefit?

The value of the sick pay, a social security benefit offered by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) for people who present some type of illness of a temporary or totally disabling nature to be given their labor services, is a monthly income corresponding to 91% of the benefit salary.

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What is sickness benefit?

Sickness aid is nothing more than a social security benefit offered by the INSS to people who have some type of temporary or totally disabling illness to be given their labor services.

Among the diseases that are considered disabling for work, diseases such as AIDS, cancer, blindness, Parkinson’s disease and others are included in the picture.

How is the calculation made to receive the sick pay?

In order to give the calculation process for receiving the payment of sickness benefit, the monthly income of 91% of the benefit salary is used, considered as the simple arithmetic mean of the highest contribution salaries, which corresponds to to 80% of the contribution period from July 1994 to the month prior to the date of removal from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) insurance.

Among other words, it is considered in the calculation of the amount of payment to be received by the policyholder of the INSSthe highest values ​​of 80% of contributions to the public body from 1994 to the month before his departure as a way of making the ideal payment for each of the INSS insured persons.

What is the maximum ceiling for sick pay?

It is considered as the maximum ceiling for sickness benefit, the amount corresponding to the average of the last 12 contributions of the worker.

If, for example, the worker has an average of R$3,000.00 in his contributions, but his average corresponds to an amount of R$1,500.00 in the last 12 months of contribution, the sickness benefit of the worker in question will be limited to an amount of R$1,500.00.

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