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What is the amount of sickness benefit for the unemployed?

With the pandemic, several people are in serious health situations, which for some was enough to remove the ability to work. Many then decided to resort to sick pay, which manages to offer a benefit to workers who have had a minimum contribution time with the state.

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Despite the wide dissemination in Brazil, many people still have fears about the ways to apply or if they can really use it. Therefore, check here everything you need to know about the amount offered by the benefit and how to request it.

What this article covers:

Are unemployed people entitled to sick pay?

The main point of this text is precisely this question. As is to be expected, yes, unemployed people due to their inability to work are entitled to apply for assistance, however there are some steps that must be taken before applying, which will be explained below.

How to apply for sick pay while unemployed?

The first step is to be able to prove the inability to work, taking a medical diagnosis to be carried out by the expert himself. INSS?? It is worth mentioning that what will be taken into account is how much the disease or the fact that occurred incapacitates the worker from performing his/her duties, not their severity.

The second step is to meet the grace period for at least 12 months, which will be monthly payments to the INSS 12 months before the onset of disability. In specific cases, it is possible to pass this stage if you contract any of the 14 serious illnesses, an accident at work or an illness from there.

Finally, the third stage is the possession of the status of insured, which means knowing the period in which the worker has a bond with social security, which will give the precision of how long the benefits offered will last.

Who is entitled to sickness benefit when unemployed?

As we said, you need those three characteristics to get help. However, if something like a sudden departure from a job occurs, the INSS can cover up to 12 months with sick pay benefits if the worker is registered with the National Employment System (SINE) or has 120 contributions.

If all the requirements explained are in order, you will need some mandatory documents such as: CPF number, work card or contribution booklet, medical diagnoses that prove the disability, employer’s statement, informing the last day of work and official document with photo .

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