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What is the Agibank credit card?

The Agibank credit card may not be one of the main names in the market yet, but it has been conquering thousands of customers due to the ease of credit approval.

Agibank is a bank that was born in Brazil and founded in 1999, the institution has more than one million customers. It brought with it a range of useful and practical services. To check if this alternative is worth it for you, just continue in the text.

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What is the Agibank credit card?

The Agibank credit card is more digital, which is great because this alternative is extremely practical for the consumer. In the digital account application itself, you can monitor your card expenses.

The digital account comes with several interesting features, such as the possibility of carrying out operations such as transfers and payments.

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The card works in a similar way to traditional cards, the only difference is that you can pay and have access to your invoice through your own cell phone, and it can even take up to 40 days to pay.

The card has a Mastercard flag and is international, enabled for debit and credit functions.

What documents are required to apply for the Agibank credit card?

For this, you just need to open a digital bank account, you can do it through the app available for Android and IOS, or through the website.

When opening an account, some documents will be requested, such as: RG, CPF, address and other basic data.

There is no need for proof of income, so applying for this card is extremely quick and practical.

After creating your account, you request the card in the application itself, it is not necessary to fill out any more forms, just wait for the card to arrive at your home.

How does the Agibank credit card credit analysis work?

An analysis of the consumer’s history is carried out, such as their consumption and payment profile.

Many users, even with a low score, get approval for this card.

The most difficult situation is for negatives, but it is also not impossible to be accepted. Agibank does not have a specific deadline for approval, but guarantees that in some cases it can come out right away.

What is the Agibank credit card limit?

This varies according to the client’s profile, as there are many variables analyzed, such as monthly income and consumer behavior.

What Agibank credit card limit

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Therefore, there is no standard value at Agibank, but this is not a problem, as it is possible to request an increase in the limit and, as continuous use of the card and payment on time, these chances increase.

However, it is important to point out that the opposite also happens, it will depend on the customer’s movement and income, Agibank can also reduce the user’s limit.

What are the Agibank credit card fees?

Check out Agibank’s rates and fees to further analyze whether this card meets your expectations and needs.

  • Annuity BRL 4.99/month only from the second year of use
  • Free and unlimited credit payments
  • Revolving interest 6.73% per month
  • Invoice installment 9.23% per month
  • Second copy of the card BRL 9.90

The Agibank credit card meets the needs well with a practical and affordable service. Its ease of approval is a factor that draws the attention of customers.

In addition, the card also has additional benefits offered by Mastercard, the card’s brand. Now from this information you can make an informed choice.

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