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what is the advantage of the card?

The MEI is one of the best modalities for those who are going to start a business, as it guarantees benefits for the entrepreneur and makes the starting point for a bigger future enterprise to be made and a credit card for MEI, is very useful in these moments.

For those who want to start a venture in MEI, perhaps a credit card is an important request to start the business. With this modality, there are many advantages in relation to credit. Just like personal cards, they also have great advantages and are a good ally when it comes to withdrawals and purchases made for your business.

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How to apply for a credit card for MEI?

Applying for a credit card for MEI is quite simple, but it will depend on the chosen bank. Digital banks nowadays offer greater ease when ordering. This is because it is only necessary to fill in the data in the applications and send photos of the documents. Most of the time, on the same day you can find out if you got the card and what your limit is.

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A great advantage when dealing with a credit card for MEI is that some accounts do not charge annuity fees in this modality.

What is the credit card limit for MEI?

The limits will depend on the analysis of each bank and according to its criteria, this value always varies. There is no base or fixed limit for this, you will only know the amount available when requesting the card from that respective institution.

So, to have a slightly higher limit and increase the chances of approval, you must have your CNPJ completely correct, and not have credit restrictions so that the analysis understands that you need a higher amount.

What is the best card for MEI?

There are 3 banks that are currently on the rise when it comes to a credit card for MEI, below you can see them all:

1 – C6 Bank

This card is currently highly rated, this is due to the fact that it is linked to a current account and zero fees for some things. In addition to providing card machines, investments and so on.

2 – Banco Inter

Banco Inter is similar to the previous one and also provides an account for MEI, which can be done before requesting the credit function. One of the main advantages of the bank is the possibility of generating slips free of charge for this.


This card is very different from the others, this is due to the purpose of it serving as a company’s working capital. Which can have a maximum limit of up to 2 million reais. In order for small entrepreneurs to apply for this card, they must earn up to R$81,000 per year. The card is issued by another bank, such as Caixa.

When opening a MEI business, it is very important to know whether a credit card can be an advantage at the moment, which can often start as the company’s working capital, being very relevant.

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