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What is the 7-wick candle for: the meaning when it is completely consumed

One of the most effective candles to eliminate witchcraft, black magic, spells, moorings, remove powerful negative energies, clean houses and neutralize envy is the candle or candle with 7 wicks.

This candle is characterized by its peculiar figure, it has the wicks in the trunk or base, in addition to the main wick, common in all candles, and the main colors are black, red and purple.

The color black is used when we want to eliminate works of black magic, envy, perform a spiritual cleansing of the home or business; red to knock down any ritual of a loving type such as moorings, sweetenings and love spells; while purple is used to eliminate blocks or end a losing streak, as explained by Bforeclub.com in an article.

There are other colors, although they are less common, such as yellow, which should be turned on when you have problems at work or business, as well as green, when you want to end bad luck in matters of health and prosperity.

How should a 7-wick candle be lit?

Some 7-wick candles contain gunpowder, so it is important to place it on a fire resistant base such as a porcelain or clay plate, and remove any object that is around it to avoid accidents.

The procedure to light the candle is Start at the bottom and go up clockwise. as explained by the Blog of the site Lasvelasdemariano.com. They emphasize that some sparks may come out, so extreme care must be taken when lighting this candle.

Experts point out that it is preferable to use these types of candles as complements to your cleansing rituals and open paths, and since they are used to cut situations that we do not want, they should be lit on the waning moon.

What does it mean if it is completely consumed?

When your 7-wick candle runs out fast and in its entirety it means that the work you did will act effectively and sooner than expected.

If the candle explodes it means that it prevented a witchcraft work destined for you or there was a lot of negative energy that was going to reach you. Another interpretation is that the person who did a black magic job for you has spiritual protection, in both cases, it will be necessary to light another candle again.

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