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What is Sports Lottery? understand how it works

Understand how the sports lottery works and how bookmakers work.

If there is a people in the world passionate about football, it is the Brazilians, who are considered the biggest fanatic in the world for sports, and especially Football. The Brazilian understands so much about sports that he always likes to give advice, that is, he is technical by nature and loves to give tips.

The sports lottery was created precisely for this reason, to unite football and money, thus bringing thousands of people who are passionate about sports and betting. As technology is constantly evolving and entered the lives of the population, the online betting market has become something revolutionary.

But, do you know the difference between sports lottery x online sports betting? Continue reading to find out…

What this article covers:

What is sports lottery?

There are currently several sports lotteries, and one of them was created by Caixa Econômica Federal in 1970, where citizens will be able to guess the results of football matches. And if you hit the winner and the result wins the prize.

Of the amounts collected, around 37.61% of the gross prize is converted to pay the players. If you get all the contest guesses right, or at least almost all of them, you will be awarded. But if no one gets it right, the prize will accumulate for the next contest.

What is online sports betting?

Basically, online sports betting is betting made over the Internet, and it is completely safe and there are hundreds of types of bets and companies in this field, it is simply up to you which one you want to bet on.

You can bet on the amount of corners, red cards, yellow cards, goals and even the goal difference. The companies that make these games are known as ODDs, and they make the probabilities of these things happening.

What are the differences between Sports Lottery vs Sports Betting?

Every year in Brazil lottery houses move millions of reais with lottery bets, and among them is one that is considered a sports lottery. What attracts people to place their bets are the high values ​​that Caixa Econômica discloses as the prize.

What is not a washout but is that the Sports Lottery is super difficult, and the success rate is very low. However, the online bets that are made by several betting companies have a much lower degree of difficulty, as it is closer to sports and their results.

Are they reliable?

Many people are wondering if the Federal Lottery is reliable, since there have been scandals in its history, and the popular saying is that the prize is nothing less than something that nobody touches

Nowadays, yes, they are reliable, but the online bookmakers are more transparent, and they seek to convey confidence and security to the public in choosing them, because without them they are not maintained.

But know that all the two modalities are completely transparent, and you can look for sites on the internet, which show the level of confidence of each bookmaker and thus bet your money knowing that in case of winning you will be paid.

Sports betting is booming in Brazil

Many people are opting for Lotofácil, as it is the easier lotteries to win, however, online sports lotteries are growing a lot and the degree of difficulty can make you choose which one is best in your hunch.

However, online bookmakers have an advantage and that is why they are growing a lot in the country in relation to the variety of forms of bets that can be made in them. For example: number of corners… if you get it right, you will be paid for it, of course, in small amounts, but it will…

Another positive point is that many people are being referred by others who have already won, that is, at online bookmakers you know someone who has already won, and so there is a list of names of winners published.

They seek to make available all the material related to banking and betting control to show transparency. And if you don’t understand much about the subject, you can rest assured, because online bookmakers are legal and regulated, and they even collect taxes.

If you want to become an online gambler, try to hear the opinion of friends and relatives, or even people on social networks and forums, asking for tips on which one is best for you! Good luck!!!

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