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What is social connectivity and how to access it through MEI?

Connectivity Social, or as it is technically called, ICP V2, is Caixa’s digital channel, 100% web and digital, designed to communicate with employers and entrepreneurs.

This new function is loaded with numerous improvements in accessibility, practicality and speed. Social connectivity can be accessed from any computer, without the need for any previously downloaded programs or files. Let’s understand more about this new government tool!

What this article covers:

What is Social Connectivity and what is it for?

Social Connectivity is a government channel designed to connect with businesses, employers, corporations and the government.

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Social connectivity is very important and necessary for MEI, ME or EPP employers to be able to declare some of their obligations to their employees and the CLT, such as FGTS and Social Security.

How do I access Social Connectivity?

We are now going to show you some of the most important steps to access Connectivity. Check out:

Digital Certificate Verification

To access social connectivity, you must have an ICP Brasil standard digital certificate, issued by a regulatory agency. The certificate works as a digital signature for legal entities and individuals.

kryptonite app

The Kryptonite app is a browser extension that needs to be activated in order for the user to be able to access Social Connectivity. This application is responsible for validating your ICP virtual signature.


Upon entering the Social Connectivity website and clicking on any balloon, the site itself will direct you to the package with the Kryptonite extension. After that, just download the app and install it.


To activate the Kryptonite extension, you must enter your browser settings and go to “extensions”. There, you will activate all components of the Kryptonite application, so that it becomes functional.

certificate registration

After installing and activating the Kryptonite extension, you must access the Conectividade Social website again and search there for “registration” and after that “register certificate”. Fill in your company data as the alternatives appear, and finally, click on “Accept the Terms”.

certificate renewal

To renew the certificate is also very simple. Again, on the Social Conectividade website, you must go to “registrations” and “renew certificate”. After that, select the alternatives according to your company classification, and finally, click on accept the terms of use.

Social Connectivity Services

Let’s now understand how the interaction with the Conectividade website works, after having registered correctly:

Social Connectivity Services

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machine registration

To send some files, you must register your machine on the site. To do this, simply send the file as usual and the site will request registration or click on the “keep machine” balloon.

Now just accept all requests that the site will ask for the machine to be registered as the Token application.


The Voice Mail service has all the files you’ve sent and other ways to manage it. To access the service, just click on “PO Box” and log in normally.

Letter of attorney

In the Power of Attorney service, the user can manage who will use his ICP and even add, search and subscribe to these uses. To do so, just click on the “Power of Attorney” balloon and manage this information there.

Being able to navigate the Social Connectivity service may seem complicated, but with practice, the entrepreneur can have a tool that will bring much more accessibility and control to his functions.

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