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What is Sintegra used for?

Do you know what Sintegra is for? This is one of the most important and also most used tools by traders across our country.

Only with Sintegra can merchants carry out numerous processes, consult valuable information and have access to a series of useful means for their commercial and financial life.

In addition to all these advantages, Sintegra also facilitates a series of duties that companies may have with the State and all fees for them to act legally. Let’s understand what Sintegra is for and how the tool works!

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What is Sintegra used for?

Sintegra is a State system that is mandatory for all companies and businesses that issue invoices. But many who have already understood the obligation of the system still wonder what Sintegra is for and what its real functions are.

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Firstly, we must reinforce the obligation of Sintegra. Any company that wants to legally issue invoices must be registered with Sintegra. This integrated system greatly facilitates all the collection of fees and taxes that is carried out by the government, which collects information on taxpayers directly at Sintegra.

How does Sintegra work?

In case it wasn’t clear what Sintegra is for, let’s try to summarize: Sintegra is a unified system where the State has access to numerous information about registered companies and their contributions, while offering the essential service that is the issuance of invoices tax.

In need of the service of issuing invoices, companies have no alternative and must register with Sintegra.

Which companies is mandatory and which is not?

As we said, without Sintegra a company cannot issue invoices, thus being hostage to the system. So all companies that want to issue invoices must be registered with Sintegra, except for Micro-entrepreneurs who can issue invoices using the Federal Revenue website.

Benefits of Sintegra

But Sintegra is not just a method for the state to keep an eye on all its taxpayers. The system is also a useful tool for all its users. Let’s get to know some of its benefits and how it is able to help the lives of entrepreneurs who use it.

Benefits of Sintegra

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Among the main benefits of Sintegra are:

  • Illegal companies that may somehow be working in unfair competition are caught;
  • The company is free to provide some information to the Treasury Department, which collects it directly from the website;
  • Gives total security to companies registered in their transactions;
  • Companies can easily issue their invoices without any kind of complication.

These are the main benefits that the Sintegra system offers to all entrepreneurs in Brazil.

How do I register for membership in Sintegra?

Now that you know what Sintegra is for, it’s time to register in the system. And doing this is quite easy. Usually companies that already need to integrate with Sintegra receive a notification from the state via SEFAZ agency??

After receiving notification from SEFAZ, the client must seek to register through the means offered by the agency. If the entrepreneur wants to check the status of his company directly, he can access the Sintegra website, search for his status and check his situation himself.

What is the purpose of Sintegra?

Sintegra is a more practical and easier way for the State to gather all relevant information about taxpayers in one place and also provide the essential service of issuing invoices to companies.

Now that you know what Sintegra is for, be sure to register if you are an entrepreneur and need to issue invoices!

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