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What is SEO and how to use it to rank well in 2021?

What is SEO? The internet is one of the widest environments for gaining views and interaction, where companies have the opportunity not only to start their business, but also to make their enterprise grow considerably, having the chance to do their business known in a short time and create authority in your area.

One of the main tools used on the internet for your business to be even more boosted and for you to be able to grow easily is SEO, which in itself can be classified as a technique, becoming a series of sub-tools, which when properly applied, allow for you to create authority in your segment and earn a lot with your business beyond your regional scale.

But, do you know what the acronym SEO means and how these tools adopted by this method can provide extremely satisfactory benefits in favor of the intelligent growth of your business? If not yet, you’re in the right post. So let’s go!


What this article covers:

search engine optimization

O search engine optimization is the acronym referring to what corresponds to SEO, being classified as a set of techniques whose main objective is to better locate the virtual address of your enterprise among the other virtual addresses of companies in the same field on the Internet, giving authority to your business and allowing it is better viewed by users, and thus better valued as a result.

According to Lucas Ferraz, an SEO specialist, there are factors that directly influence the quality of service and the identity of a company in the virtual environment, which are evidenced by SEO techniques, where the company should not only be focused on showing itself present on the internet just for being there, but showing quality content, domain authority, high page performance, site architecture, social signals, brand mentions, among others, all elements of SEO.

How does this optimization work?

In Portuguese, the acronym SEO specifically means the optimization itself, for search engines, being a set of techniques whose main objective is to provide one or even more landing pages for your company among the main search engines. used, one of the most common on the internet being Google, for example.

Optimization is nothing more than trying to develop techniques that allow you to better position your website and your brand on the internet, making it more visible to the customer as a way of encouraging the individual to interact with it, where he will at some point feel like check what your material brings, accessing your site while it is presented to him in the virtual environment, which will corroborate so that, once the individual is inside your site, he feels like purchasing some product or service that you offer, that, if you have quality material on your site and still work with a responsive and visually attractive design, which makes it a potential or future customer.

A good example of how to get more engagement to your site is to work with material that has humoras a humor blog, with jokes, memes, comic strips and interactive prints with its consumers of content, services and products, generating engagement for your brand, sharing without having to pay, due to the funny content of the content, and thus increasing your visibility.

Search engines and their SEO workings

For some people, the internet is nothing more than several websites linked together in a tangled way, but in fact it goes beyond that, where all these websites are properly connected, in relation to the content they present and even what consumers of these types of content prioritize, always making it easier to show what the individual most likely wants to see and interact with, indicating quality material.

Now that the main key point comes into play, what would actually be something that shows that I have quality in my content to the point of having my brand among the main ones indicated in search engines? Well, for that to happen it is necessary not only to affirm, but to prove, having good services, well-presented content, being highly recommended by other sites and even working on SEO techniques that leave you at the top.

Google’s Algorithm

What everyone knows is that one of the main search engines on the internet today is Google, and this is an indisputable fact. Google works with a specific type of algorithm, making certain contents and brands privileged over others when they present some aspects evidenced by the algorithm of this search engine.

The Google algorithm serves as a form of filter to be able to rank the quality index of existing pages on the Internet. It is not just the fact of indicating sites that makes Google one of the main search engines, but also the fact that these indications are properly selected and allow the user the best possible experience, and therefore, for you to be a indicated page, ideally you fit the required profile.

SEO ranking factors

The main factors that are taken into account, and for which SEO techniques are applied, and observed by the Google algorithm, are summarized in high quality, only, and when observing these required aspects, you visibly realize how essential they are, just to understand how much you interact with certain content if it applied all these aspects in exchange for your interaction with a company that does not use them.

The Google algorithm itself uses more than 200 observed aspects, but does not reveal them, with those currently known being those discovered over the course of research, and already proven to be effective, adding up the SEO techniques currently considered to be the main ones, where you can find the main one, quality of content, presenting not only something, but something good to see, pleasant to read or understand, and also a good service, product or process, well rated by consumers, for example.

Others are responsiveness, where the site not only runs on computer or notebook screens, but also on tablets and smartphones, where internet access is even more intense than on these first mentioned devices, allowing the individual to see material from his company , your website, your blog, any tool used, just having access to the internet itself.

Periodic actions that you perform on your page to improve your content, products and services are always being observed by the Google algorithm, the number of times that other sites also indicate you, making your domain something of authority on the web, as if it is well spoken, well evaluated, it is indeed something of quality.

To attract even more traffic you should also use keywords, which are elements scattered throughout your text with a certain frequency, showing Google what that content refers to in particular. For example, this material will be referred to you if you happen to search for SEO, SEO techniques, or something similar. Did you understand the importance of using these techniques?

A true funnel of opportunities

The client, potential client, or even consumer of your content, when accessing it, through the application of SEO techniques, is not only instigated to verify it, but also to interact with it, in a true funnel of opportunities for you. , where he is attracted to your business by frequent flames, consumes your content when he notices a good layout and quality in the presentation, buys your product or service and becomes loyal, only contributing to the improvement of his authority in his segment on the internet.

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