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what is really worth it?

The Friday with the most discounts of the year is just around the corner and we show you the clothes to buy on Black Friday. Check out.

We all know how the blackest Friday of the year is an excellent opportunity to renew the closet or buy that piece you’ve been in love with since the beginning of the collection, saving money. So we went in search of clothes to buy on Black Friday which is really worth it.

Yes, this is a good time to buy those higher quality basic essentials at a discount. So, from a wool coat, to warm sweaters and not forgetting the boots, we’ve put together the pieces that are really worth buying.

This year, as happened last year, some stores extended Black Friday to the entire week. Others will have online-only promotions. That is, you don’t even have to wait for Friday to get amazing clothes at fantastic prices.

And of course, these discounts are also a good opportunity to get some Christmas gifts ahead of time. In that sense, if you usually offer clothes, why not save some change? After all, the deadline for exchanges and returns was extended until January, in most stores.

Clothes to buy on Black Friday: 6 pieces that always pay off

It is an elegant, versatile and very warm piece, being the perfect choice to wear every day. It works well both in more casual looks and in more sophisticated coordinates.

There are stores where discounts reach 50%. So, if you’re in need of a good quality overcoat to face this winter and the ones to follow, it’s worth going looking for a piece of this type and saving a lot.

Our suggestion is that you look in the closet to see if you have any of those more basic or classic ones that need to be replaced. For example, the black and gray overcoats, but also a camel is a great acquisition.

When the days get shorter and temperatures start to drop, we find comfort and shelter in sweaters.

Thus, sweaters promise to be a good choice, both to create more casual looks and to combine with more feminine pieces in sophisticated looks.

Consequently, if you need to renew yours, it’s worth taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts.

We all know how having a parka in your closet is really handy, especially on cold and rainy days. So, if you were looking for an opportunity to buy your raincoat without having to shell out a small fortune, take advantage of the Black Friday discounts.

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Army or Texan style boots

Footwear also deserves special attention when benefiting from good discounts, so it is worth taking advantage of this time of year to invest in a good pair.

For this year, we suggest military or Texan boots, which are in trend and look great with jeans, miniskirts or dresses.

If you want to be fashionable but don’t want to spend a lot, include this purchase in your Black Friday wishlist.

At a time when all you want is to stay at home longer, with the heating on and a mug of tea, nothing better than betting on warm, comfortable and beautiful pajamas.

So, taking advantage of Black Friday to renew your stock of pajamas is really a good idea, believe me.

They are always a good buy, as long as you need to renew a pair in your closet, because they last a long time, allow you to create a lot of looks and we wear them throughout the year.

So, if you are in need of new jeans that fit you perfectly, now is a good opportunity to buy them at a discount.

Are you ready to go shopping this Black Friday?

Article originally published in November 2021. Updated in November 2022.

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