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What is QuintoAndar? Meet the rental company!

QuintoAndar was born as a startup in 2013 and today it is one of the main alternatives for anyone looking for a property to live in or a landlord looking for a rental contract with third parties.

QuintoAndar works as a kind of intermediary between landlord and tenant. This company became famous because it dispenses with much of the bureaucracy that traditional real estate companies usually do for real estate leasing processes. Find out more about the rental company and its services below.

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What is QuintoAndar?

For those who are tired of dealing with the bureaucracy involved in renting or making a property available to third parties, QuintoAndar is a great option. This company revolutionized the way that traditional real estate agencies worked until now.

QuintoAndar is an application that intermediates the rent of a residential property. The main proposal is that the work of brokers be done centrally, from prospecting to the final signature of termination of the contract.

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All of the company’s services are offered 100% online in order to streamline the entire process and avoid queues for users.

The rental company platform was created for tenants as well as landlords. For each of them there is a specific application, so that the experience is optimized.

How does QuintoAndar work?

For those looking to rent a property, you can use the QuintoAndar application or the official website. At first, a search is carried out with the desired characteristics, such as location, price and number of rooms. After finding one that fits the profile, the user can schedule a visit to the property by clicking on the blue button indicated.

After the visit, the person is able to make a proposal through the application itself. The only face-to-face part of the whole process is the visit, the rest is done only through the website and application. If the owner accepts the proposal, a credit analysis will be carried out. It is noteworthy that the company does not use the guarantor method.

Now, for those who intend to place their property for rent through the QuintoAndar platform, it is necessary to register with personal data. Once this is done, it becomes possible to create the advertisement for your own property, from there the company is responsible for photographing the property. In addition, QuintoAndar also provides a calculator that can help define the price of the property.

After the whole process is done, the company is responsible for mediating between owner and tenant. It is QuintoAndar that schedules the visits and passes on the value of the proposals.

How to rent there?

Anyone can rent without guarantor and deposits through QuintoAndar. The process is done by cell phone or computer, just start a search for the property that best fits the desired characteristics. If you find what you want, negotiation begins with the owner.

The documents required during this process are:

  • RG, CPF or MRI??
  • Proof of income for the last 3 months.

After submitting all documents, a credit analysis will be carried out. This method used by QuintoAndar does not require a guarantor, which is why it is a viable option for those who are starting a new life in another city.

It is possible to say that QuintoAndar has transformed the rental market in the country, because with it it is possible to live for rent with low costs and without wasted time in notary offices. Currently, the platform has more than 100,000 customers and offers its services in more than 20 cities across the country.

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