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What is peer mentoring and why is it important? • ENTER.CO

The path of the entrepreneur is usually very challenging. But ‘peer mentoring’ can be a very useful tool to grow and overcome the various stages that a company goes through.

The peer mentoring o Peer mentoring is a term used at the corporate level. Human Resources departments use it as a way to ‘match’ two or more employees with similar ranks or levels so that they share knowledge, experiences and thus find new opportunities or answers to the challenges they face.

Why would peer mentoring be a valuable tool when starting a business?

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Entrepreneurs face multiple challenges of all kinds and often feel too alone along the way. One of the valuable teachings of the most successful entrepreneurs is: “learn to listen”. Sometimes the entrepreneur wants to maintain a certain level of confidentiality regarding his business project, which is not entirely bad. But many times there is a path that others have already traveled and on which there are already some learnings that the entrepreneur should not ignore.

The transmission of knowledge is one of the highest values ​​in the modern world. Startup accelerators, business incubators and various government programs to support entrepreneurs were born with the aim of providing support. In these programs there are usually mentorships from experts and people with extensive experience to help boost emerging companies.

Unlike large companies, entrepreneurial teams are often small and peer mentoring can be difficult to achieve. However, entrepreneurs have understood the importance of creating networks of mutual support. Thus, collaboration networks, networking spaces, meetings between entrepreneurs and acceleration programs are becoming more and more common.

Peer mentoring is essential for entrepreneurs not only to receive feedback, but also to expand knowledge, share experiences and find solutions. Sometimes the paths seem to have no way out, however peer mentoring can provide a new perspective.

Feedback is essential when starting a business. In addition to the advice from the experts and the exchange of knowledge with other entrepreneurs, a feedback that cannot be ignored is that of the clients. They are the ones who provide more information about the viability and effectiveness of the service or product offered by a company. It is they who determine whether a business is successful or not.

Of course, peer mentoring involves sharing knowledge with many people, who have their own ideas and opinions. Entrepreneurs must be open to listening and receiving criticism, which does not necessarily mean paying attention to all suggestions. We must know how to put a filter to receive everything that contributes better to our business, and let what does not pass. In addition, the entrepreneur must be willing to share his experience and offer his knowledge to other people who need it.

Whether creating support networks, or participating in an acceleration program, the important thing is to understand that entrepreneurship may not be easy, but that it is much easier when you have external support. Peer mentoring is about share knowledge, complement each other and discover new possibilities and solutions to challenges. It even becomes a great emotional support within the difficult but exciting path of undertaking.

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