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What is PAPEM and how to register?

Many navy soldiers still do not know what PAPEM is, an important government tool to control payments to retired navy pensioners and also to guarantee all the financial security of pensioners.

Let’s get to know what PAPEM is and how this financial protection service of the Brazilian navy works.

What this article covers:

What is PAPEM?

PAPEM is an acronym for Payroll of Navy Pensioners, and by the name of the tool we can get an idea of ​​how it works.

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The tool has a Navy application designed to control and monitor the payments of military pensioners. The PAPEM app can be found on both Android and iOS. The same application is available in these operating system stores for Tablets and other electronic devices that have this function.

Recently, PAPEM also received a version for desktop browsers that guarantees even more practicality for those who prefer to access it through the computer!

How does PAPEM work?

Now that you know what PAPEM is, let’s understand more about how this tool works.

With PAPEM, military pensioners have access to a series of important information, documents and services. Let’s see what you can achieve with PAPEM:

  • Payment and future payment information;
  • SPSM (Social Protection System for Military Personnel);
  • Service letters;
  • Important reports;
  • Useful phones;
  • Exclusive loan’;
  • Important military documents.

All this and much more, pensioners will be able to access their PAPEM and navigate between the service’s tools.

What is the PAPEM portal?

As we have already mentioned, PAPEM has a complete portal where you can access all the useful information provided by the tool. The portal can be accessed by clicking here.

How to register access to PAPEM?

If you are a member of the Brazilian navy and now you know what PAPEM is, you are probably wondering how to register for this very useful service. Let’s learn!

initial password

The special password for accessing the PAPEM was distributed in the email of the military, mainly those with some financial connection with the organization in addition to their fees, such as loans.

password request

If you are in the military and have not received your password, you can request it on the portal page we have indicated or by clicking here. After accessing the portal, the user must fill out the forms and enter all the necessary data requested by the application.

With receipt of password

After following the steps indicated above, the user will receive his password. With the password in hand, before accessing and using the PAPEM portal in all its freedom, the user must activate his password in the Payroll Portal within a period of 30 days.

How to change or request a new password?

If the pensioner registered with PAPEM wants to change his/her password application accesshe can do this at any time in all forms of the service, application and address.

How does the PAPEM payroll loan work?

PAPEM is not just a useful information app. Applying for loans is also possible.

When accessing the portal, the client will have access to loan simulations. This simulation has no official value and works only so that the customer can actually simulate values ​​and check if a certain amount is available for the loan.

How does the PAPEM payroll loan work?

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If the simulation is accepted and the pensioner wants to continue the loan, he must print this simulation and appear at a marine entity with the printout and his documents. There he will receive the loan agreement and will be able to make it official.

Now that you know what PAPEM is, if you are a navy pensioner, don’t stay out and register for the service!

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