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What is PagPhone and what is it used for?

If you work in sales, no doubt you’ve already felt the need to have a card machine to offer your customers different payment options and today we’ll talk about what PagPhone is, a device that has both of these features.

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What is PagPhone?

PagPhone is a 2 in 1 device: it works both as an Android smartphone and as a card machine.

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Visually, it’s like a smartphone with a keyboard at the back, offering both functionality at the same time. How about learning more about what PagPhone is and how it works?


As a smartphone, the tool has an eight-core Cortex A55 processor, with

Android 10 and 64GB of storage. In addition, it has 4GB RAM memory, with three cameras (the front one with 12Mp and the rear ones with 13Mp and 2Mp) and touch screen of 5.5 inches. PagPhone comes with a headset, USB-C cable and charger, and accessibility film.

card machine

This functionality is at the back, with a card slot at the bottom and a numeric keypad.

The tool accepts credit and debit card payments, in addition to PIX, QR Code and approximation. The necessary applications are already installed, such as PagVendas and PagBank.

How does PagPhone work?

Now that you know what PagPhone is, it’s important to understand how it works. The tool primarily performs all the functions of a common smartphone: it is possible to download applications, make calls, browse the internet, among others. To use it as a card machine, everything is done through the PagVendas application.

How PagPhone works

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Accessing the PagVendas application, just enter the account data, choose the payment method and insert or approach the customer’s card. The receipt can be sent by email, or it is also possible to connect a printer via Bluetooth.

How to request PagPhone?

After understanding what PagPhone is, you may be wondering how to apply for it. This can easily be done online using a form.

Just choose between the three colors available for the device (gold, gray and blue), enter your email and password to register and fill in the delivery details.

It is also possible to request a free PagBank prepaid card, and register a PIX key for the machine. One advantage of PagPhone is that it is not necessary to send documents, as well as the credit analysis.

The tool is a great alternative for anyone who works with sales, being a practical solution that allows you to easily have more payment options available to offer your customers. We hope you enjoyed knowing and understanding what PagPhone is.

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