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What is Opinion Rewards and how to earn money using it?

Do you know what Google’s Opinion Rewards is? We all know this giant of the tech market and how knowledgeable the company is basically about everything. This information is collected by Google in a variety of ways. For example, google maps and Street View are collected by Google cars that cross countries filming the entire route.

One of those ways Google collects information could come from you. And the best, they pay! Let’s learn how it works and what Opinion Rewards is.

What this article covers:

What is Opinion Rewards?

Opinion Rewards, or opinion rewards, is a method by Google to receive useful information for the platform from you. This method actually has some advantages for the company, it receives direct information from the consumer, a sincere opinion that does not pass through any filter.

Opinion Rewards. Source/Reproduction: original.

Best of all is that, as the name suggests, Google rewards the reviewer with a balance in their Google accounts. So he can buy digital products offered in Google stores such as ebooks, movies, music and even pay for some services like premium YouTube.

What is needed to use?

To use the Opinion Rewards service, just download the app on your cell phone from the play store. Downloading the Google Opinion Rewards application, just register your data, allow the platform to access some device information such as real-time location and location history and that’s it! You have everything you need to use Opinion Rewards.

How does Opinion Rewards work?

Opinion Rewards provides several surveys that you can choose to answer. And by answering you get the rewards that Google offers.

How does Opinion Rewards work?

Operation. Source/Reproduction: original.

These questionnaires are made available by the platform and are not the same for all users. It all depends on your consumer history, places you’ve been, preferences, and any information Google may have about you.

How much does it pay?

For each questionnaire answered on Opinion Rewards Google pays R$3.00. A modest but very attractive value for those who answered a simple questionnaire. The questions offered by Google do not take more than a few minutes to be answered.

How to use the payment?

The payment of Opinion Rewards goes directly to your Google account, so it can be used to buy products offered by the platform. Among these products are ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies on Youtube or Google Films, games, electronic newspapers and magazines; the balance is even used to pay for services that use google pay or services offered by Google such as Youtube Premium.

Appgle-branded iOS users also have a special advantage. Your Google account balance can be transferred to your paypal digital wallet, giving you even more freedom in ways to spend your rewards.

How to download Opinion Rewards?

Downloading Opinion Rewards is very easy! The app is available in the Android and iOS app stores. After downloading, the user must register correctly and fill in the data requested by the application.

How do I get more surveys in Opinion Rewards?

There are some ways and tips to receive more and more surveys and earning opportunities. One is frequency. The more present you are on the app and the more you show a commitment to answering questions, the more Opinion Rewards will offer surveys for you to take.

Another valuable tip we already gave. Enable all location and history permissions for Opinion Rewards to collect your data so that it can build custom surveys for you. And never, under any circumstances, lie. The application has several ways to “catch you” in some lie or false data offered. And if you get caught, the app will ignore you and won’t send you any more questionnaires.

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