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What is Nuvemshop and how to use it?

For those who dream of an online business, knowing what Nuvemshop is is essential. With it, you can create an e-commerce from scratch and customize it the way you want. For development, a series of services are made available to the client, such as tools aimed at marketing and business management. Check out more about what NuvemShop is and its main functions.

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What is Nuvemshop?

For those who still wonder and have doubts about what Nuvemshop is, it consists of a platform aimed at creating online stores and businesses. With it, you can use a series of tools to manage the store and apply your own visual customization.

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Nuvemshop works with a semi-ready environment, which makes the customers’ task even easier.

Within the platform, you can apply the visual identity the way you want, choose the most advantageous payment method for the store and register your own products.

How to use Nuvemshop?

After knowing the details about what Nuvemshop is, to start using the platform services it is necessary to create an account on the official website. Then the first step will be the choice of layout. There are at least 40 options available to customers.

Each customer can register their own store logo and URL, which makes the site even more professional for selling products. By registering the information and products, the user starts the inventory management process. It is possible to place the quantity of each object for sale so that mistakes are not made.

How to use Cloudshop

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In addition to customization and management, it is possible to choose your own payment methods and perform integration with payment and product transport companies.

Every Nuvemshop process is carried out easily and intuitively. Therefore, the platform is ideal for those who are starting an online business and are not familiar with website creation techniques.

Do you have to pay for Nuvemshop?

To use Nuvemshop, you need to choose between 3 plans:

  • Impulso Plan: Price of BRL 49.90 and BRL 1.99 for each sale;
  • Influence Plan: Price of BRL 99.00 and only BRL 0.99 for each sale;
  • Escala Plan: Price of BRL 199.90 and BRL 0.49 for each sale.

All plans require monthly payments, so there is no limit on products within the platform, as well as visits and minimum orders. The price already includes all the tools available to guarantee sales efficiently and safely.

Are there other online store creation tools?

After knowing the basics about what Nuvemshop is, the interested party should also analyze other tool options for creating a virtual store. Currently, there are 3 platforms that are widely used. Check out.


With the Tray platform, the customer can sell and manage his business only through a single space. The tool has been active in Brazil for 19 years and provides an easy method for creating and customizing virtual stores, with management and layout solutions.


Woocommerce is an open source method for WordPress. In addition to all the benefits and tools aimed at creating and selling products online, the woocommerce provides a plugin for sales to be made directly with Mercado Pago.

Integrated Store

Among other methods on the market, the Integrated Store also stands out. The platform was created to help new entrepreneurs to work with online sales. After registering, you can add products and choose all payment and shipping methods. For beginners, there is an option for a free plan with up to 50 products and 5,000 visits.

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