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What is needed to update the single registration?

The Cadastro Único or as it is popularly said, Cadúnico, is information about the financial situation. This has the function of detecting families that have a low income and bringing improvements through benefits, such as the Bolsa Família, reduction in the light bill, in emergency assistance, and other advantages.

The Cadastro Único is constantly updated. So in situations such as the birth of a child, new address, change in the person responsible’s documents, school changes and unemployment situations, you should immediately go to the Social Assistance Reference Center and there, carry out the necessary updates.

If there is no change, Cadúnico will need to be updated within two years. The Ministry of Citizenship reports that updating is essential to maintain quality and ensure that CadÚnico registration information is always in line with family reality.

In cases where the Cadúnico is not updated, the family loses benefits.

What this article covers:

Who can be part of the single register?

Check now the criteria you need to have to acquire the Cadúnico.

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The Person or family can register only if:

  • By adding the salary value of everyone in the family, then dividing by the number of members in it and resulting in the amount of 550 reais per person;
  • When adding the salary value of everyone in the family and this results in up to 3,300 reais;
  • Person or family that is in street situations;

If you need the Single Registration, but are not in any of these situations, depending on the circumstances, the registration can be done.

What data is needed?

The Cadastro Único requires information such as aspects of housing, each person’s identity document, education level, work status and income, among other data.

The mandatory documents to be carried by the family responsible are the CPF or Voter ID. For other family members, it is mandatory to bring at least one of the documents mentioned below: General Registration, Birth Certificate, CPF, Marriage Certificate, Voter Title or Work Card.

In cases where the family or responsible person does not have these documents, the Single Registry interview must be done anyway, so that these people are guided to provide this documentation.

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