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What is missing for the new MEI limit to start to be worth it?

Learn here what needs to be done to establish the new limit of the MEI which, as of January 2022, will increase its annual revenue to R$130,000.

What this article covers:

About the current MEI billing threshold

Currently, the billing limitation established for the Individual Microentrepreneur is R$81,000. This means that the MEI can obtain monthly revenues on average of up to R$6,750.00 thousand in gross income, in addition to being able to count on the possibility of hiring employees paid with a minimum wage or else with a minimum salary of your category.

Expansion of the MEI Limit

As per the Complementary Bill (PLP) 108/2021the Individual Microentrepreneur billing limitation may be increased from R$81 thousand reais to R$130 thousand reais from January 2022.

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Through this PLP, voted and approved by the Federal Senate, the functioning of the MEI may be as follows:

  • Limitation of annual billing of R$ 81 thousand reais to be increased to R$ 130 thousand reais;
  • Average monthly revenue of up to R$6,750.00 to be increased to up to R$10,833.00 thousand reais;
  • Limitation of hiring one employee to two employees.

It is important to know that there is a limitation of 80% of the annual investment income of the Individual Microentrepreneur, which would be a monthly amount of R$5,400.00 thousand reais. However, with the readjustment of the billing limit, this price can rise to BRL 8,866.40 per month.

In addition, with the expansion of the MEI billing limitation, companies in current conditions of microenterprise will be allowed the possibility of migrating to the category of Individual Microentrepreneur, which, consequently, would end up reducing the monthly and annual amounts of taxes paid.

And what is needed for the new MEI limit to be valid?

On August 12, the complementary bill to expand the MEI’s revenue limit was approved by the Federal Senate. However, in order for it to be validated, it is necessary to send the proposal to the Chamber of Deputies. With the approval of the bill, it is handed over to the presidential sanction to, in fact, have confirmation of its validation.

Even if it has not gone through the voting process in the Chamber of Deputies, the proposal to expand the MEI billing limitation has a great chance of being approved, since it has gained great support among parliamentarians.

The bill was sent to the Chamber of Deputies on August 20. With that, it is necessary to wait to know what will be the decision of the parliamentarians in relation to the new limit of the Individual Microentrepreneur.

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