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What is Itaú iToken and how to use it?

New technologies are more implemented so that any operation done through internet banking or the bank’s application is safer and conveys more confidence to the customer, but do you know what Itoken is?

iToken is a tool that increases security when performing banking operations. The tool has the function of generating passwords for the customer to use in transactions. In this content you will see what iToken Itaú is, what it is for and how to use it. Check out!

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What is the Itaú iToken?

iToken Itaú is a security code generator made on the home screen of the bank application. The code will authenticate bank transactions made through the bank’s digital channels.

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In this way, the customer feels safer to carry out transactions through digital means made available by the bank and can use them without problems and risks of being a victim of scam or fraud.

This means that any transaction you make over the internet is safe and reliable due to the iToken and other security systems used by banks, which makes banking transactions as safe as those carried out at an ATM.

What is the Itaú iToken used for?

Itoken is a tool that has been around for a few years and is used as a keyring. Initially, it had a six-digit random password display for the customer to enter their account over the internet.

Currently, a keyring is not required to use passwords. Itaú customers can count on several possibilities to generate security codes. The customer can request iToken Itaú passwords by SMS or through the generator installed on the cell phone.

What is the Itaú iToken used for

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The iToken generates a temporary password that can be used only once during a banking operation. In this way, the bank’s permanent password is protected so that it cannot be used by any attacker. This password generated through the iToken is changed every 20 seconds. Therefore, programs to discover passwords will not be able to decipher the generated codes.

Banco Itaú has been increasingly renewing its security measures. The keychains used before ended up losing attention to the app. As it is more practical, the smartphone application gradually replaces the bank’s other security tools.

How to enable the Itaú iToken?

Enabling the Itaú iToken is a simple and quick process. Using your cell phone, go to an Itaú ATM and follow these steps:

  • With your card, access your account;
  • Select the “See now” option when the iToken unlock message appears;
  • Confirm the unlock;
  • Position the QR Code after following the indicated steps;
  • Enter the iToken QR Code number generated on the mobile phone and select “OK” on the ATM.

The iToken is activated after being enabled at the ATM, when accessing the bank application on your cell phone. Afterwards, just log out of the account for the iToken to be generated. There is no need to be afraid to carry out banking operations through the application, as currently even digital banks such as Iti, which belongs to Itaú, use the same security methods.

Currently, transacting through the apps is as safe as doing it in person at an ATM. In addition to being more practical, faster and not having to leave the house for this.

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