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what is it, how to use

Floating floors were created with the aim of innovating the concept of coating. The pieces have high resistance, durability and are able to compose different spaces. In order to exploit all the advantages offered by the parts, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate installation system and prepare the application site. View information about Floating floor: what it is, how to use itūüáßūüá∑

The floating floor has its own system for installation.

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Floating floor: what it is, how to use it

When well executed, the method proves to be superior to many other types of installations. The floating floor is more resistant to heat and humidity, in addition to ensuring protection against friction that usually harm the aesthetics of the surface. THE placement of wooden planks also has the advantage of being more agile compared to other systems.

Practical, modern and easy to handle, floating floors are capable of performing a perfect soundproofing of an area, that is, they prevent the entry of unpleasant noise. The parts that make up the cladding are also capable of thermal insulation, making environments more pleasant for living together.

Between the floor and the subfloor there is a kind of waterproofing blanket.

With regard to aesthetics, floating floors seek to exploit to the maximum the potential that wood has to beautify environmentsūüáßūüá∑ The pieces are sophisticated, timeless, comfortable and increase the feeling of warmth.

The term ‘floating floor’ is used to define pieces that are not glued, nailed or fixed directly to the original subfloor. In fact, the surface receives a kind of blanket before finally being covered with the floors. The intermediate tier can also rely on a waterproofing canvas to ensure the quality of the finish.

How to use the floating floor?

O floating floor laying method first requires the use of an appropriate blanket fixed on the subfloor. It is critical that the area is clean and level so that the parts are properly installed in the system. When developing this method to cover the floor with wood flooring or floors, it is worth leaving some spaces between the pieces in case the material expands.

To ensure a good fit, an appropriate type of glue is applied to join the boards and reinforce the joints. The surface needs to be uniform, so it’s interesting to lightly hammer the wooden pieces so that they are well positioned.

To make working with floating floors easier, check out the video that shows the step by step:

If the owner of the property is not skilled with coatings, it is essential to hire a specialized workforce so that the finish is really beautiful. The work of a professional also helps to avoid wasting materials and possible installation failures.

There are several stores that sell floating floors, below you will see some options for you to make your purchases:

The installation system with floating floors will make your coating with wood much better.

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