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what is it for and how to apply

With the defense letter to the INSS, the beneficiary can prove what his current situation is. But for what purpose? Let’s say you receive a letter at your home that disputes the amount of the benefit you receive. In this case, you can write a defense letter to the INSS and show what your reality is.

Therefore, if you are a beneficiary, it is important that you know what it is and also how to make a defense letter to the INSS. So, let’s see what it’s for, how it works and also how to make a defense letter to the INSS if necessary.

What this article covers:

What is a defense letter for the INSS?

Before talking about the defense letter to the INSS, we have to mention the operational benefit monitoring, the MOB. Which is an inspection carried out to verify that the beneficiary is receiving the benefit correctly, and that there is no type of deviation or any other regularity.

Perhaps the MOB finds something irregular in your benefit, and then sends you a letter contesting the amount you receive or even warning you about the suspension of your benefit.

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If you think you are being wronged and there is nothing irregular in your benefit, you should then file a defense letter with the INSS. This letter is a way for you to respond to the MOB and clarify that the inspection result is wrong.

In the defense letter to the INSS, you will write why you are receiving the benefit and why you are being wronged. But let’s take a closer look at what the defense letter for the INSS is really for.

What is it for?

This letter will be a kind of response to the revisional procedure carried out by the operational benefit monitoring. Therefore, we can say that the defense letter to the INSS works as a form of defense for the procedure carried out by the MOB.

How can I request a defense letter to the INSS?

If you have received a letter from the INSS contesting your benefit, then you must immediately request your letter of defense from the INSS. You can complete the application process through the INSS website, or through the “Meu INSS” application.

  • To request your defense letter, follow these steps:
  • Access the INSS website??
  • Click on the Scheduling/Requests tab;
  • Then click on new application and then on update;
  • Check your data;
  • Fill in all the information requested and complete your request.

Okay, now just wait, normally at the end of the whole process, the system warns the time that will be necessary to complete your request.

What is the term?

After doing all the above, within 45 days your request should be completed. You can follow the entire procedure through the INSS website and also through the “My INSS” app.

What are the requirements?

To apply for a defense letter to the INSS, in addition to being an INSS beneficiary, you must also have received a letter contesting your benefit in some way.

If you received the letter and intend to make the defense letter, you must have 2 documents at hand, the CPF and also a power of attorney for a legal representative. After that, just follow the steps above and proceed with your request.

How to make a defense letter to the INSS?

In your defense letter to the INSS you must argue against the differences that were pointed out for your benefit and also attach the documents that prove what you said.

How to make a defense letter to the INSS

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If any of your data is out of date, you must update it. Then you will file your letter and continue following the process.

So, if you need to make a defense letter to the INSS, you already know what you need to do. If you still have any questions, you can get more information on the Government website.

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