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What is it and what is it for

It is very common in the daily lives of people and companies that there is a need to prove the absence of debts with public bodies or the private sector. This type of verification is essential, for example, to request some types of services and also aid. For the granting of some social security benefits, for example, it is necessary to have the INSS Debt Clearance Certificate, the CND INSS. See below for more information.

What this article covers:

What is the INSS Debt Clearance Certificate (CND)?

CND INSS is a document that, as the name suggests, proves that there are no financial or procedural pending issues for individuals or companies with the INSS. It is issued when there are no pending issues, but when there is, the taxpayer’s name is associated with the INSS Active Debt database list. In this case, the CND is not issued, but the CPD-EN (Positive Certificate of Debts with Effect of Negatives).

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The CND is not an exclusive INSS document. In fact, it can be issued by several public bodies and each one will attest to the absence of specific pending issues. Depending on your needs, or the needs of your company, it may be necessary to request the CND from other institutes and public entities.

What is the Negative Certificate for companies used for?

The CND of the INSS, and also those of other bodies, can be requested from companies when they are going to go through bidding processes. It can also be required when the company is going to register or carry out approvals with suppliers, for example. Banks and other financial institutions can also ask for the CND when granting a loan or any other type of credit to legal entities.

What is the Negative Certificate for an individual used for?

In the case of individuals, the CND INSS is essential to request some benefits from the INSS itself, such as the application for retirement and various indemnities. It must also be requested in other situations, such as loan or financing requests, opening bank accounts, registering in government social programs, or even to take office in some public office.

How to consult the INSS Debt Negative Certificate (CND)?

In recent years, public bodies have increasingly adhered to the computerization of internal and external processes. The issuance of a document such as the CND, for example, can now be done over the internet, at no cost to the citizen and without having to queue. To consult and issue the CND INSS, specifically for individuals, it is necessary to go to the page of IRSenter your CPF, and click on the “Consult” option.

Within a few seconds a document in PDF format with the certificate will be automatically downloaded by your browser. To issue the document for legal entities, the link that must be accessed is this here?? To issue CND relating to rural property, the page is this here?? All processes are simple and fast, in addition to not costing anything.

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