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what is it and is it worth it?

A credit card is a must-have in any wallet these days, especially a Kallan credit card if you like the brand’s shoes.

The Kallan credit card is a great deal if you love shoes and want to be more economical and practical when buying at Kallan stores, which have more than 35 stores in the state of São Paulo, in addition to a great website for you to buy online.

Therefore, a Kallan credit card is very important so that you can enjoy the store’s huge collection. Read below to find out why to get this card and how to apply.

What this article covers:

What is a Kallan credit card?

The Kallan credit card is a new option for giving gifts to Kallan store customers. With the card, customers have numerous exclusive benefits, they can buy online or in the physical store, in addition to being able to pay in installments, pay any purchase in advance and the service even has the option of an additional card!

How to make the Kallan card?

Unfortunately, Kallan stores have not yet made available the function to order your Kallan credit card over the internet. In this way, it is necessary to go to a physical store, in possession of a document with a photo and that proves that you are over 18 years old.

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Just talk to a store attendant so you can apply for your Kallan credit card.

How to pay Kallan invoice?

Paying Kallan credit card bills is very practical and can be done in numerous places. The first and clearest is at Kallan physical stores. Just go to one of the physical stores, and the attendant can issue a copy of your invoice.

The customer can also ask to receive invoices by mail as a bank slip or via email. In possession of the ticket, the customer can pay it through their bank application, at lottery outlets or at ATMs.

How to access the card statement?

The Kallan credit card statement can be accessed at the physical store with an attendant. Customers can also access the Kallan stores application and consult their card statement.

If the customer has any questions regarding his bill, the consumer can contact an attendant at the numbers: (11) 4003-3900 (11) 4003-3900 for capital cities or 0800 729 3900 for Greater São Paulo.

Is the Kallan Card worth it?

The Kallan credit card is very worthwhile if you are or want to be a customer of the store. Furthermore:

  • The card has a pre-approved limit,
  • Your payment can be made conveniently at any Kallan store,
  • Has the defaults 30 days to pay,
  • Numerous discounts and exclusive offers
  • Installments in 10 times the store purchases,
  • You can apply for up to two additional Kallan credit cards
  • Allows cash withdrawals at Kallan stores.

Even for a customer who is not really a loyal Kallan customer, if he wants to buy an item from the store, he can make his card to pay for a certain product.

The Kallan Card is worth it

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As we have seen, the Kallan credit card is a good alternative for store customers, or those seeking greater loyalty to the brand due to their preference for its products. It’s a great way to strengthen the relationship between customer and kallanas it offers unique advantages to those who have this service.

But, like every credit card, you need to calmly assess whether these advantages really match what you expect and can afford.

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