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What is it and how to know the specific registration number of the INSS (CEI)?

The specific registration number of the INSS (CEI) can be consulted directly on the Federal Revenue website, in addition to having the possibility of recovering the registration number that may have been lost in other paper notes, or simply forgotten.

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What is CEI in the INSS?

Want to know what CIS means? First, the CEI is the specific INSS register, and can be used by any natural person, that is, people who provide services autonomously. this registration allows these people to equip themselves with companies and have a similar status to theirs, in addition to these factors, certain professionals may choose to migrate to other categories of registration.

Who can take the CEI?

Registering is available to all taxpayers who have their CPF identified, whether individuals or legal entities (PJ), via the internet. However, those who wish to register in person can contact the Federal Revenue Service.

How to register?

If you wish to register online, just access the Federal Revenue website, select Where to meet and then Register to go to the Registry of Economic Activities for Individuals (CAEPF).

How to know the number of the Specific Registration of the INSS?

It is common for people to forget, but just access the website to find the CEI registration number, in addition to being able to retrieve the CEI registration numbers. To gain access, just go to the website of the IRSinform the CPF, password and access the website system.

Before, queries of this data were made through the Dataprev website, but there have been changes and currently it is only through the Federal Revenue website, therefore, whoever has the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), can access it with the data and password, in addition to entering the confirmation codes that appear below.

If you are a CEI, you must access with your identifier and password, in addition to entering the confirmation codes to be able to enter the next page, in order to consult your CEI number. Later, it is interesting to write down the data so as not to lose it.

Finally, accessing to find out the numbers has become easier and less complicated, in addition to being possible to go directly to the Federal Revenue Service in your city to obtain more information about the registration number, including.

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