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what is it and how does it work?

Banco Inter is one of the pioneers in digital services in Brazil. Thus, fintech is a reference in its segment, with loyal customers spread throughout Brazil.

If you are tired of paying abusive fees in traditional banks and want to migrate to a company that does not charge any fees, this article is for you!

What this article covers:

What is Inter Bank?

Banco Inter was founded in 1994 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. It started as Intermedium Financeira, and in 2015 it launched the Intermedium digital account. Thus, one of the main pioneers of digital accounts in Brazil.

This institution stands out for not charging a fee for basic services such as: transfers and withdrawals; in addition, it also does not charge a maintenance fee or credit card annual fee.

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Banco Inter works like any other traditional bank, its differential is being able to do everything through the application, without having to go to any physical location. The company is always looking for innovation, it doesn’t let itself be left behind, for being a pioneer.

One of its biggest innovations was the upgrade to the Superapp, with new features in the investment, credit and insurance platform. In addition to all this, the company also has one of the safest and most practical services in the country, with its virtual attendant: Babi, any questions are quickly resolved via chat.

Banco Inter is a company so connected to the news that it also maintains a blog and social networks, where the creation of content is constant and focused on the needs of customers and potential customers.

What products and services does Banco inter offer?

In addition to offering all basic services, Banco Inter also has services such as: real estate financing, payroll loans, credit and debit cards.

The cards offered are: the international gold (very good initial version), Inter Platinum (for customers with more than 50,000.00 invested) and the Inter Black card (for customers with more than 250,000.00 invested). The bank guarantees that it always keeps rates below the market line, so that it is even fairer for the consumer.

The institution also has an investment platform, very reputable and recommended by professionals in the area of ​​investments, it is one of the best options on the market for those who want to create an emergency reserve.

How does the Inter Bank application work?

Banco Inter’s application is practical and intuitive, with a clear and objective interface, you don’t have any difficulties to learn how to use it. Within the application you can carry out all basic transactions such as: transfers, Pix, payments, mobile recharges and invoice checking.

How does the Inter Bank app work?
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In addition, you can also deal with more advanced subjects, such as: investments in Brazil or abroad, opening a MEI account, giving someone a gift using the Gift Card and much more!

What is the interbank interest rate?

Banco Inter’s current account does not charge any type of maintenance or administration fee, nor does the credit and debit card.

The only fee you are subject to at Banco Inter is the revolving interest on your credit card, when you do not pay by the due date. This rate is around 5.82% per month, one of the most affordable on the market.

The customer also pays a fine of 2% on top of the total amount. If you want to pay your total card bill in installments, the interest is 3.67% per month, a great percentage, even compared to other digital banks.

Given the above, it is concluded that knowledge is the basis for the right choices.
You now know how Banco Inter really works and its advantages, now you can assess whether or not it is interesting for your financial life.

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