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what is it and how does it work?

With the advancement of the internet, knowledge also advanced, consequently people who do not invest became interested in the stock exchange. Financial education is a branch that is still in its infancy in the country, but it already has several tutors and scholars.

If you want to better understand the stock exchange, how it works and how to start investing, keep reading this article.

What this article covers:

What is the stock exchange?

The stock exchange is basically a safe environment to buy and sell shares of companies. However, for many, the stock exchange means much more, being a vehicle that provides sustenance and financial freedom.

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In this way, those who want to profit passively have this opportunity, and those who have a company and need investment for some goal or objective have the opportunity to sell shares. It is a super organized market, which contributes directly to the economic growth of a country.

How does the stock exchange work?

The best-known financial asset on the stock exchange is the share, but it has others, such as: spot market, fixed income assetsreal estate credit, vehicle financing, listed and over-the-counter derivatives.

In this way, the stock exchange works as a meeting point, where those who want to sell meet those who want to buy. However, there are clear rules for these transactions to take place, and one of them is: you need to do this through a brokerage.

How to understand the stock exchange?

Since we’ve learned how a stock exchange works, check out 3 topics below that will help you better understand the stock exchange.


The numbers fluctuate all the time because they are actually quotes for each investment.


This quotation is basically priced according to expectations. That’s why it’s interesting to follow these oscillations with an experienced professional.


Never stop studying the market. That way you understand how the stock exchange works and understand that constant updating is necessary, this is the first step to start with the right mindset.

How to make investments on the stock exchange?

The step by step is simpler than people realize. In common sense to invest you need to have a lot of resources, but this is not true, you can start with even R$ 100. Check below how to make the investments.

  • Open a free brokerage account;
  • Have a value available to start investing;
  • Learn to invest in the right place, to make a profit.

Investments on the stock exchange have the greatest potential in the market, so take the time to study the subject and choose the best options.

What is the deadline to have a financial return on the stock exchange?

There is no rule that covers all existing investments. Therefore, the deadline will vary according to the company, some return in 18 months, others may take 24 months, or even more.

How long does it take to get a financial return on the stock exchange?
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The important thing is to understand that investments are made with a view to the long term, based on study, practice and dedication. There is no investment that will make you “rich in a short time”’, this is an illusion that can end up leading you into pitfalls.

Now that you know everything you need to start investing in the stock market, don’t waste time! Start working towards your financial independence today, and make your money work for you. Also share this content with anyone who wants to walk a journey of financial advancement and prosperity.

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