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what is it and how does it work

With the Hering credit card, you can make purchases online or in person at any establishment in the network. It offers several benefits to the consumer and makes it easier to make the payment.

Hering works as a Brazilian company specialized in clothing. All pieces available in stores are from the Hering brand itself. Its headquarters are currently located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Learn a little more about the Hering credit card and its purpose.

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Find out what the Hering credit card is

Hering is considered one of the largest clothing companies in the country. Every year, news is released to its customers, such as the Hering credit card. With this card, you can get unique benefits and enjoy shopping.

The Hering credit card can be used for purchases inside and outside the store franchise. It offers security through a Microchip and a password created by the customer.

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The card is issued under the Visa International flag through Losango. The annual fee is BRL 95.40 or 12 installments of BRL 7.95. In addition to performing the work of a traditional card, the Hering credit card has numerous advantages for purchases at the Hering Store.

With it, it is possible to pay for purchases through devices, pay for your purchases in up to 40 days and in up to 5 interest-free installments. The company allows up to four people to be placed as dependents on the card, which benefits family members.

The request for a Hering credit card is made at a preferred store or through the franchise’s official website. To start the process, you must have your RG, CPF and also a proof of address.

How the Hering credit card really works

The Hering credit card works like a traditional card. With it, you can pay for your purchases at any establishment in the world and also benefit from exclusive promotions at Hering stores.

The owner of the card also has the option of making withdrawals at a Caixa 24 Horas bank. In this case, withdrawing money will be like a kind of loan and fees according to the norms of the bank.

For users, the Hering credit card invoice is issued and sent through the post office. For those who want greater ease, it is possible to obtain it online via the Losango official website or the Losango Cards app, which offers services to check the available limit, dates and barcode for payments.

Another advantage is loss insurance. If the customer is stolen or does not know the location of their Hering credit card, the bank will be responsible for taking the main measures to facilitate in these situations and make a new copy.

How can I unlock a Hering credit card?

To unblock the Hering credit card, the customer must contact Losango Card Center by calling 4004-5938 or 0800-701-5938. Phones work daily except on national holidays.

How to unlock Hering card

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An attendant will be responsible for assisting in the process. After unlocking, the card can be used for online or digital purchases. The minimum installment is 30 reais per month and with the possibility of dividing amounts into up to eight fixed installments.

The Hering credit card can be an interesting card option for purchasers of Hering stores. With it, it is possible to obtain exclusive promotions and discounts in all sectors of the store, in addition to the best payment methods for purchases.

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