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What is it and how does it work?

The Yapay payment platform has received great attention due to the advances of the Internet, which have made it possible to do many different things to make our lives easier. Transferring money over the internet is not new to anyone, but have you thought about being able to guarantee security in the comfort of your home?

As it is a type of service that requires a lot of trust, check out the main topics about the Yapay payment platform here and learn what are the advantages and disadvantages addressed by users during its operation time.

What this article covers:

What is the Yapay payment platform?

Initially, let’s talk about what the Yapay payment platform would be. Its main idea is to facilitate internet sales as much as possible and offer the best security for the customer based on the analysis of possible fraud.

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The target audience of the Yapay payment platform is businessmen who work through e-commerce, online stores, among others. Despite some questioning the security of the site, about 74% of users said they are calm in their operations and the platform follows the security standards provided. by the Federal Government🇧🇷

Some complaints that appear on the platform “Reclame Aqui” are the sending of incorrect slips and some delay in the response. However, this appears to have been fixed and the complaints have dropped considerably.

How does the Yapay payment platform work?

Now that we’ve commented on what the service is about, we can explain how to use the Yapay payment platform.

As you have already noticed, Yapay’s idea is to be the best intermediary between the consumer and the seller, which is why the website has a simple and practical design, in addition to showing a good response to operations.

If the user wants to use the platform in other vehicles, there is the Yapay application for both Android and iOS, which allows activating two-step authentication, for greater security.

Yapay accepts the main types of cards such as Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Hiper, among others.

Finally, it is worth mentioning one last feature offered by the Yapay payment platform, which is the gateway system, very popular with large companies, which is precisely the creation of portals for communication between them and customers, through the machines that support the site.

What are the fees?

To have payment via credit card, within 14 days, a fee of 4.49% is charged, and for up to 30 days, the fee is 3.99%. As for boletos, there is no fee for withdrawals and the rate is 2.99% or 1.99% in up to 14 days, but this number may vary depending on the amount.

This is a part that needs to be taken into account whenever we talk about a financial service. Yapay payment platform fees are considered balanced and in line with the quality of service.

Finally, creating the link on Yapay is the simplest part of the steps described. Just open the app or website, click on charges and the request payment tab. After that, just fill in the requested data and click on create to have a payment link.

How to create a link on the Yapay payment platform

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With that, we end the text here. We hope you know how the Yapay payment platform works and have a better idea of ​​how to use its resources to improve your sales. If you liked it, help spread the word by sharing it and come back often to the site for more information!

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