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what is it and how does it work

The Unibanco Credit Card has three different options. It is the result of the merger between Unibanco and Banco Itaú, which announced in November 2008 the merger of financial operations between them.

In this text, you will clear all your doubts about the Unibanco credit card, as you will see how it works, what the limit is and much more. Follow!

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What is the Unibanco Credit Card?

The Unibanco Credit Card has a 100% digital membership, no annual fee and three options are offered to customers, namely: Clássico, Attitude and Life.

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Check below the functionality of the three types of Unibanco credit cards:

  • Classic: ideal for those looking for advantages and discounts, in addition to the customer being able to share purchases;
  • Attitude: perfect for making virtual purchases and the customer can pay their purchases in up to 3 interest-free installments;
  • Life: Gives you access to insurance more easily.

To learn more about the cards, visit the website.

How does the Unibanco Credit Card work?

With 100% digital membership, the cards do not have an annual fee, and with the Unibanco Card, customers can shop online securely and pay for streaming services and other services more easily.

How the Unibanco Credit Card works

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Unibanco Credit Card customers also benefit from interest-free credits. With this, it is possible to cancel payments without paying for it.

What is the initial limit of the Unibanco credit card?

The initial limit of the Unibanco Card depends on the customer’s profile, according to the bank’s analysis. This limit can be increased over time and the customer pays in days.

Unibanco Card customers can increase their credit limit without having to sign another contract, which is much more practical and makes life easier for customers.

How to make a Unibanco credit card?

It is possible to apply for the Unibanco Card through the site🇧🇷 For this, you will need the documents mentioned below:

  • Citizen Card;
  • RG or Passport;
  • Driving card (Driver’s license);
  • Invoice for water, electricity and gas.
  • It can also be validated by homebanking if you prefer.

Joining the Unibanco Credit Card is very easy, and with it, you can have many benefits when making your payments.

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