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What is it and how does it facilitate the opening of your company?

REDESIM was created with the aim of simplifying the process of opening and legalizing a company. It is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs complaining about the bureaucracy and delay in starting a business.

In order to simplify this process, the government created REDESIM (National Network for Simplifying the Registration and Location of Companies and Businesses). Let’s know more about it.

What this article covers:

What is REDESIM?

The main objective of REDESIM is to simplify the process of opening a company to accelerate economic activity and develop it better. Another objective is to help with economic inclusion through companies.

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The alteration, registration and registration processes are all simplified with REDESIM, as the system has all the data for these processes, facilitating the process of opening a company.

How does REDESIM operate and how to open a Legal Entity?

To be able to open a company through REDESIM, 3 steps are necessary:

Feasibility consultation

In the feasibility consultation, the city hall evaluates the availability of the place where the MEI in question intends to do its business. Once approved, the MEI must go to the board of trade and register to complete the first step.

Enrollment in the National Register

Once the first step is completed, the MEI must take all the data required by the bodies involved to the board of trade.

Licensing of operations

Once all documents have been approved and your CNPJ in hand, it’s time to go through the licensing process. Here, the regulatory body must verify that all the requirements of the legislation are being met, such as health safety, fire prevention, etc.

Services available on the REDESIM website for Legal Entities?

Let’s now see some of the services available for legal entities on the REDESIM website:

Change of registration data

In this service it is possible to change some information previously given to the registration bodies. After changing the data, all bodies involved in REDESIM are informed of the change.


It is also possible to terminate your activities as a legal entity on the website. Just access the website and go to the new download option, enter the required data and that’s it.

Exclusive acts in states or municipalities

In this option, it is possible to make specific requests for the state or municipality of the legal entity in question.


If someone does not yet have any of the required licenses, it is also possible to request the license through the REDESIM website??

Registration of tourist activity

In this program made by the Ministry of Tourism, it is possible to register your tourist activity and have access to some benefits. Registration is free and can be done online.

Registration of activities and products of animal origin

Those who work with agriculture and livestock can, through the REDESIM website, register online in the Brazilian System of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin. After registering, you can access inspection consultations, in addition to being able to display products that have already been approved by the inspection.

How is REDESIM managed?

Management is carried out through a management committee, made up of all the bodies involved. The function of the committee is to streamline the system process, ensuring the functionality of each member of the project.

What are the main advantages that REDESIM offers?

The great advantage that REDESIM brings is the speed in the process to get a company legalized. It is expected that the company’s legalization process time will be reduced by at least 90%.

What are the main advantages that REDESIM offers

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With a more agile service, entrepreneurs are able to legalize their companies and obtain benefits more easily, with that the service provided to the consumer improves and the economy grows.

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