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What is IBAMA and how does it act in the inspection of the environment

IBAMA is one of the most well-known government agencies for Brazilians, however, many still do not know exactly what it is, how it acts and what is its role in the Brazilian scenario, so we will answer these and more questions here.

What this article covers:

What is IBAMA?

IBAMA is a government agency affiliated with the Ministry of the Environment?? It is a kind of environmental police, and monitors actions related to our environment.

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IBAMA: what does the acronym mean

The acronym stands for Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, with reference to IBAMA’s work to protect the Brazilian environment.

When was IBAMA created?

The body was created through Law No. 7735 of February 22, 1989, and has its headquarters in the city of Brasília, in the Federal District.

What work does IBAMA carry out?

Her job is to preserve the environment, for example, to carry out inspections on the creation of wild animals in order to ensure that there is no trafficking or mistreatment of animals. He investigates the environmental impact of certain works, inspects fishing or any actions that directly or indirectly influence our flora and fauna. IBAMA is the protector of nature on Brazilian soil.

IBAMA 2022: how the agency acts in the fight against deforestation

In the year 2022, IBAMA still acts, however, it seems to be deficient. Recent news shows that IBAMA investigated only 1% of deforestation alerts, and that only 41% of its budget was allocated to inspections in 2021. Despite this, its action is still present, and it is also not uncommon to see news of animal seizures or things like that on the part of the organ.

It is an organ of great importance for Brazil, since its function is to preserve our greatest natural wealth. So, we hope to have answered all your questions and resolved your doubts.

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