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What is happening with My Daily, the Colombian cryptocurrency? • ENTER.CO

In September of last year, Colombia discovered the country’s first cryptocurrency: My Daily CO. The company came to the market with a proposal that bets on the Blockchain economy, it has a virtual currency linked to the Colombian peso. The company offered users a 0.5% return per day, 10% per month and 120% per year; Over time, this promise will be diluted.

This was created in order to facilitate person-to-person (p2p) transactions through the Polygon blockchain. All these bases presented by the company gave security to hundreds of users who decided to invest in the anonymous and decentralized project. After three months on the market, the company reported losses of at least 95%.

After the massive fall of the currency, many clients have wanted to withdraw their investments, but they have not been able to because, according to what they say, the platform does not allow them to do so. Complaints by users began to be made through social networks where they assure that “commercials are missing, none want to come out and show their faces.”

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Even in an effort to recover from losses, the founders of Mi Daily announced to investors that they would now agree to an alliance with TBille. At that time, according to the executives, through the digital card offered by TBille, investors could withdraw up to 500,000 Colombian pesos weekly; this to give users peace of mind and some were convinced.

In order to acquire the card, they had to pay an additional 33 dollars, but this was only amplifying the problems they already had until then with the digital currency. Users who accessed the cards claimed that unauthorized charges were being debited through the TBille card. before thisthe company assured in social networks unaware of such transactions.

Sebastián Betancourt, one of the executives behind the coin, assured in an Instagram Live that TBille had breached some commercial agreements and that Mi Daily was unaware of the charges that were being made to users. For its part, TBille assures that no contract has ever been signed between the two companies.

The truth is that users have been quite affected and no one gives an answer about their investments. We will be attentive to future reports to continue with the development of this news.

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