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What is FGV Knowledge? The fear of the contestants!

Candidates on duty are already very familiar with FGV’s knowledge, after all, many competitions go through this bank due to its high level of competence.

As the bank has been operating in Brazil for a long time, it is logical to think that an image has already been created by the candidates. In order to dispel some rumors about banking, this compilation of essential information was made so that you are fully aware of how FGV Knowledge works.

What this article covers:

What is FGV Knowledge and when did it start?

Initially, we will explain about FGV knowledge. It is a well-known organizing committee in Brazil for its high level of quality and competence in preparing assessments.

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It appeared on December 20, 1944 with the idea of ​​preparing professionals for the areas of administration in the country, both public and private. The objective remains the same even today with the necessary adaptations.

What is FGV’s work experience?

As we have already said, FGVconhecimento has been operating in the country for a long time, around ten years. She has already been present in the most varied types of evidence such as OAB, court, legal, tax and administrative areas. Because of this wide variety, proofs tend to acquire different patterns, as we will see later.

Consortia that participates

FGV Knowledge has constant participation in national certification exams. As a main example, we have ENEM, which has maintained a partnership with the bank since 2017. She is largely responsible for the essays project present in the exam

Another important exam that has the participation of the bank is the ENCCEJA, between 2017 and 2019 and that, also to ENEMcollaborates with FGV on the newsroom project.

Assessment and study area

If there’s one thing that FGV Knowledge usually does, regardless of the type of test, it’s hunting for current topics to base the questions on. For this reason, candidates should prepare themselves with an up-to-date repertoire of issues involving the country.

Another very important point for a good performance of the test is the understanding of the bank. Searching for reports from veteran concurseiros is essential so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the test.

Why do they say that candidates fear FGV knowledge?

The fear of the concurseiros when seeing that the bank will be the FGV is mainly due to the ability of the tests to adapt to what each body asks. This feature makes the test unpredictable, which scares part of the candidates.

Why they say that candidates fear FGV knowledge

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Let’s take an example of questions involving exact sciences such as mathematics. It usually covers very specific concepts, such as geometry, combinatorial analysis and other essential concepts. If we took an OAB test, the questions would have a completely different content because of the change in area.

How the tests and difficulty levels are designed

Despite being feared, FGV Knowledge does not use difficult questions. The main idea of ​​the board is to test whether the candidate can make extensive use of basic concepts in order to train competent professionals. What really makes it difficult is the unpredictability, something much commented on by the concurseiros.

Banks and collections

Like most newsstands, the big secret for the candidate not to have problems with FGV knowledge is to carry out a careful reading of the announcement. However, there are some things that are essential and are always repeated when this bank is present, which are:

  • Demand a good mathematical knowledge from the candidate;
  • Requirement of a good linguistic degree to resolve the issue;
  • Knowledge of the English language;
  • Good writing to carry out the essay;
  • Performing previous tests.

From these pillars, the candidate is able to perform any test proposed by the bank in question. Of course, always take into account the type of test you will take, because, as we will see later, this is the reason why many fear this organizing committee.

You are expected to have more knowledge about FGV knowledge and know how your exams are based. Share for the purpose of disseminating the content and whenever you need good information, return to this site.

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