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What is Facily and its contact channels?

Do you know what Facility is? It is a shopping platform, it works as a marketplace that serves small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The free platform offers discounts and currently has more than a thousand companies in the state of São Paulo.

The company offers several benefits that really help its members who choose to enter the program. In this content you will understand everything about Facily. Keep on texting!

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What is Easy?

Facily is an application that works as a marketplace in which it allows entrepreneurs to advertise on its platform. Any seller can advertise their products for free.

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With the CNPJ or CPF the registration can be done, whether the interested producer, entrepreneur, manufacturer or wholesaler. Facily is a great platform that helps shoppers to buy products cheaper and more easily.

You can also share ads with others to shop together and get a discount.

How it works?

The seller who has a registration on the platform has access to product management. Through the application, it is possible to publish ads and follow the entire sale. There is no limit on the number of products that can be added to the catalogue.

In addition, it is possible for the seller to monitor the stock, which can be from individual products to wholesale. Due to the commission rate, it is important to take into account when pricing products.

How to download the App Easily?

To download the Facily app is quick and simple. You can find it available for IOS and Android and to download see the tutorial below:

Just like any other application, Facily is very simple to install and use. In a few minutes, you can use the app and start selling.

Facily has several means of contact so that customers can make a complaint, compliment or anything else. Below you will find Facily’s main contact channels.

What are the contact channels with Facily

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Facility phone

Facily is one of the most sought-after means of service used by customers due to its accessibility. See the Facility phone number below:

There is no fee to get in touch and the operation is from Monday to Saturday with opening hours from 9:00h to 21:00h

Facily’s Ombudsman

Facily does not yet have an Ombudsman, however, the number above can be used for this purpose.

Facility’s email

Facily offers an email for the user to contact. Just access the Facily website and fill out the form with CPF, E-mail, telephone, message and the subject that the company will return with an e-mail.

In addition to the means of contact mentioned above, Facily also provides a WhatsApp number for users who wish to keep in touch.

When contacting the company through this service channel, it is important to verify that it really is the company’s official account, as scams and fraud over the internet are currently increasingly common, especially via WhatsApp.

Therefore, always being aware of the official Facily means of contact is very important in order not to incur losses later on. In the case of WhatsApp, for example, checking whether the account is verified is crucial, as this means that you are really in contact with the company.

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