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What is DBE and what is it for?

The name may sound weird, but many business owners don’t know what DBE is. But, it is common when opening a company and making the IRS have faster access to basic documents. Soon, the creation of its National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ).
Speaking like that, it sounds like a tremendous complication and a lot of bureaucracy, but it’s precisely to avoid getting into bureaucratic procedures. Therefore, we are going to explain all the details about what DBE is and what it means. The DBE is ideal only for Micro-enterprises, Simples Nacional, Profit Simples and Profit Presumed.
If you are an Individual Microentrepreneur, you do not need this document, since the proof document is in the Individual Microentrepreneur Condition Certificate (CCMEI).

What this article covers:

What is DBE?

We gave an introduction to what the DBE is, but we didn’t talk about its purpose. Firstly, it is an acronym for the word Basic Input Document. Just as the Birth Certificate is the door to a person’s other documents, the DBE is the time to make the CNPJ.

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With it you will be responsible for registering your business with the Federal Revenue, making your municipal and state registration, changing important registrations and everything you do within a company needs to change in the DBE.

That is, it is the first step before acquiring the dreamed CNPJ, in which each step to make your DBE will be explained in the smallest details.

What is the DBE for?

Now that you know what the DBE is, let’s explain its function. The DBE serves as the primary document for the opening to take place, but it also serves when there is a change in the CNPJ or also for closing your company, if you do not get good results.

What are the requirements for the DBE?

The requirements are: not having dependence on the Federal Revenue Service with your Individual Taxpayer ID (CPF), having a fixed address for your company, and not having debts with the City Hall or the State Government.

What are the benefits of DBE?

The benefits of having a DBE document is not having to go to the Federal Revenue Office to request the entry of the documentation, to xerox the documents and much less go to the commercial boards of the city. Any entry to open a company in your name can be done through the internet, through the RedeSim website.

How do I apply for the DBE?

The DBE serves as the first step in issuing the CNPJ. And, best of all, you no longer have to leave the house to carry out the document. First, you can access RedeSim, where you will send the essential documents, such as RG, CPF and voter registration.

Then, scan these documents and send the PDF version. In addition, the site is very intuitive and will not confuse you with the information.

How long does it take to get?

After sending the documents, Redesim has 1 day to give a favorable opinion.

What if I don’t have the DBE?

After this period, he will talk about whether the company is viable for opening and deliver a document to have access to the commercial boards (available at Redesim itself) to make the state municipal registration. If it is pending, check what is preventing it so that your activity can be released later.

How do I know if I have the DBE?

You already know what the DBE is and what are the steps to issue one, and within the IRS website, you can get the information if you have a company already open. Just enter the site and click on the option “Follow-up of the CNPJ request??

How do I know if I have the DBE

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Now that you know what DBE is, share this text for more people who want to start a business and are having a lot of questions. And of course if you intend to open yours, follow these recommendations, and thus avoid headaches.

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