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What is Claro Pay and how does it work?

For people who still don’t know what Claro Pay is, know that it is Claro’s newest investment. It consists of an application aimed at financial services and digital account.

Through Claro Pay, it is possible to carry out transactions, recharge cell phones and even receive bonuses for each recharge performed. Learn more about Claro Pay and all its available services.

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What is ClaroPay?

For those looking to know what Claro Pay is, this is the new application developed by the mobile phone company Claro. The service works as a kind of free digital account. With it, it is possible to perform various financial services just by using the application.

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Through Claro Pay, the customer can carry out transactions through Pix, payments at physical establishments by approximation and unlimited transfers. This service was officially launched in 2020 and since then it works for all users as a digital wallet.

In addition to its services, users can also enjoy exclusive advantages, such as Claro recharge bonuses.

How does Claro Pay work?

To better understand what Claro Pay is, you need to know how it works. The application was developed to carry out all types of financial transactions quickly and safely.

It is possible to send values ​​by Pix, receive, make payments through the QR Code and even guarantee withdrawals at ATMs. Everything is done through the app, without bureaucracy or waiting time.

For greater security, Claro Pay uses the biometric service to control access to the application. In addition, you must always authorize transactions carried out with your personal password.

All services offered by the service are regulated by the Central Bank. Therefore, the application is able to protect your customers’ data.

What are the benefits of Claro Pay?

Now that you understand what Claro Pay is, we can delve a little deeper into the benefits offered by the digital wallet. In addition to financial services, it has additional and exclusive benefits for its users. Through it, recharges are worth twice the amount that was recharged. No matter the value, it will always be double. In addition, there is also the possibility of getting 20GB of internet on the first recharge carried out by Prezao Claro.

What are the benefits of Claro Pay?
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All customers who hire Claro’s prepaid plan can use double bonuses. According to the company, it is possible to get 1GB of internet per week.

How to download Claro Pay?

Understanding what Claro Pay is is quite easy, as well as downloading it on any mobile device. To use the digital wallet, just download it and register with your personal documents. It is necessary to indicate the RG, telephone number and CPF. Once this is done, just follow the steps indicated by the account and send everything that is requested.

After confirmation, the user can already use all the financial services of the digital wallet and enjoy all the benefits. Everything is done simply and quickly, without bureaucracy or need to leave the house.

Clear Pay Service?

In case of doubts about what Claro Pay is and its services, customers can contact Claro customer service. through the SACavailable by calling 0800 882 9080.

To make it even easier for its users, the Claro service phone works 24 hours a day and any day of the week. Therefore, it is possible to get help from the company at any time.

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