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What is CDC Banco do Brasil and how does it work?

What is CDC Banco do Brasil is a common question among customers of this institution. In summary, the CDC, also known as Direct Consumer Credit, is a modality that aims to finance services or products with payment in installments.

The CDC is offered by Bank of Brazil as a kind of pre-approved loan. The focus of the service is on customers who have a stable income. Because of this, it is necessary to undergo an analysis before taking advantage of the CDC.

See, below, what CDC Banco do Brasil is and everything about how it works.

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What is CDC Banco do Brasil?

For anyone looking for information on what CDC Banco do Brasil is, the bank explains that it is a financing modality offered to customers. Aimed at those who want to make their purchase in installments, with this type of loan it becomes possible to acquire any good, even without the necessary amount available in the account.

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In other words, Banco do Brasil’s CDC operates similarly to credit card purchases, but generally for items with high added value. The customer purchases a car, house, courses or any other high value item in installments. Thus, BB is responsible for offering the money so that the asset can be paid off later.

The acronym CDC stands for Direct Consumer Credit and is considered a fast and bureaucratic modality. For those who have only just discovered what the CDC Banco do Brasil is, it is necessary to emphasize that, like any type of loan, the CDC also needs an analysis in order to be approved by the institution.

What are the requirements of the CDC Banco do Brasil?

For those who found out that it is CDC Banco do Brasil and were interested, we clarify that it must meet certain conditions in order to contract the service. According to BB, the customer must have a savings account or an active checking account at Banco do Brasil in order to proceed with the process.

In addition to this condition, the customer must prove through statements that there is current credit available for the CDC to be carried out. With the approval of these requirements, after the credit analysis, it will be possible to sign the CDC Adhesion Contract.

For those who still know little about what CDC Banco do Brasil is, it is necessary to emphasize that, according to BB, interest rates are 3.29% per month. Thus, a loan of R$5,000 will be divided into 24 installments in the amount of R$316.30.

Advantages of hiring CDC

Now that we know what CDC BB is, it is important to define all the advantages of hiring it. At BB, with this loan, the customer can have his purchase whenever he wants, even without having the full amount in his account for the total payment. This is an advantage for anyone looking for a quick cash method without the bureaucracy present in traditional loans.

Advantages of hiring CDC
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With the CDC, the amount is also released faster. In some cases, it falls into account right after analyzing the client’s financial life. In addition, all installments of interest or fees are much lower than those offered by other similar institutions. Therefore, it is a more advantageous option than installment purchases using credit cards and overdraft.

Anyone who found out what CDC BB is and now wants to apply, just enter the BB App and search for Contract Loan. In this environment, it will be possible to simulate, know the information and quickly contract this credit.

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