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What is Burnout and 10 symptoms that make you lose money

Did you know that there is a condition that generates such high stress that it affects the personal lives of the professionals who suffer from it? In this article we want to tell you what Burnout is and why you could lose money if you don’t identify it in time.

Although this seems something of the moment, it is necessary to know that the accumulation of many factors could be affecting the performance of your work, and even negatively impacting your personal spaces.

You should not ignore the signs, much less feel ashamed for going through a situation like this, on the contrary, taking action at the right time will save you from major worries.

You start to notice when extreme fatigue appears, irritability for any small detail, anger and resentment towards the people you work with.

The reality is that many people start to get sick, and do not find clear answers in traditional medical terms.

This happens because Burnout is not necessarily aligned with the diseases that we commonly know.

Even many people tend to think that if it is a disease that affects the psychological part, then they should avoid mentioning it, as it could have serious social consequences.

If you feel identified, we invite you to read this content until the end, so that you have enough tools with which to identify this syndrome in case you are suffering from it, or someone you know needs help.

One of the best ways to identify this burnout syndrome is to review which of the following symptoms you might be experiencing right now.

Especially since getting a treatment on time could make you take action on it.

Among the consequences that you can have is losing your assets, affecting your interpersonal relationships, even having serious health repercussions later on.

So here are 10 symptoms that could be alerting you to a possible Burnout.

1. Physical exhaustion

Usually the Burnout it begins to manifest itself through extreme physical exhaustion, which does not allow you to function normally.

Almost as if you’ve been on the go constantly, and you can’t recover in any way, you feel tired all day and there’s no rest to counteract it.

This affects performance at work and could make you feel unable to perform even the smallest daily activities.

2. Loss of power

Losing energy is inevitable if you are experiencing constant exhaustion, as you have no chance to recover to start fresh the next day.

Tiredness can consume your energy and this starts from managing your mind to what happens with your body.

Without energy, you will hardly be able to meet your professional goals, you will not be able to pay attention in important meetings, nor will you have the ability to solve problems that may arise.

3. Chronic stress

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It is very common that there are periods of time in which stress at work becomes more evident, possibly because there are complex deliveries, or professional challenges that require all your energy.

However, feeling constant, accumulated and persistent stress makes it a chronic state that is very difficult to control.

This can generate demotivation in your work and consequently, the risk of losing your job position.

4. Bad sleeping habits

You might think that being physically exhausted will make you constantly sleepy, and it may be so, but it can also create an imbalance.

Being exhausted during the day, you will look for moments to sleep when it is not indicated, and at night your mind will be spinning without letting you rest.

It has been scientifically proven that little sleep can result in serious health problems, since it is at night when cells regenerate and your body heals what could have been affected during the day.

5. Recurring health problems

If you have noticed that you are constantly feeling sick, and there is no logical explanation for a string of problems, then you could be experiencing burnout symptoms.

It is very frustrating to get sick all the time, it almost feels like you are stuck without being able to move forward and that adds to the stress of not being able to lead a normal life.

Of course, you have to be kind to yourself, understand that natural processes respond to what the body and mind ask of you.

The important thing is that you be very attentive so that this does not trigger worse consequences in your daily routine, affecting your goals and objectives.

6. Permanent headaches

Having a headache frequently can be considered normal, as it is a natural response of the body to many factors; even small details like noise, which are out of our control.

However, if you start to feel it permanently for no apparent reason, then you should pay attention as it may be a Burnout symptom.

This could surely affect your willingness to perform your daily tasks, even the most routine ones like driving, walking from one place to another, having a conversation with someone.

In addition, headaches are accompanied by other symptoms that could make things worse, causing your productivity at work to drop.

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7. Depression

Although depression has existed for a long time, it is a psychological condition that has been affecting a large part of the world population today.

This is not something that happens to a few people, it is becoming more recurrent and worrying. In fact, it has become very common to hear people say that they are taking medication for depression.

Although this condition must be treated responsibly and seriously, it would be positive to identify the factors that trigger it.

In this way you could lead a much healthier lifestyle and consequently a much higher quality of life.

8. Anxiety

Like depression, anxiety comes hand in hand with burnout.because stress can make our mind work non-stop and generate this feeling of worry, fear and uncertainty.

Anxiety can make people unable to work or lead their lives as normal, especially if it is not treated in time.

Undoubtedly, it can lead you to make bad financial or personal decisions, making your life lose meaning if you are not accompanied by a professional who can guide you with the best treatment.

9. Low defenses

Think of it like this: If your mind and body are acting against your health, how can your system defend itself so that it can function properly?

It is almost impossible to be healthy if you do not have your entire body in balance, from the physical to the spiritual.

When your defenses go down, it is more likely that you will constantly get sick; from a cold, to digestive, nervous problems, among many others.

Try to identify if this is your case or that of someone you know, question the rest of the context and define if it could be a consequence of Burnout syndrome.

10. Irritability

If your mind and body aren’t working properly, it’s absolutely natural for you to start feeling irritable because you’re not being able to figure out your situation to begin with while you’re being asked to figure out a whole host of other details, whether it’s at work or in your personal life. .

You start to argue or get angry easily, putting your job and relationships at risk. You do not have that much patience, and you feel that there are not many reasons to feel happy.

No one wants to be irritable all the time, especially when there are so many amazing things to be thankful for and enjoy in life.

How to prevent Burnout syndrome and take care of your mental health?

how to fight burnout

To begin with, it is important that you take into consideration, that treating a burnout syndrome successfully can take several months.

Even if rigorous follow-up of the treatment that must be submitted is not done, it could return in the future.

The most important thing is to start by being aware of what is happening, and decide to find a solution. It is your own choice to want to improve or remain stagnant until you suffer disastrous consequences.

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The ideal would be to work on prevention, in this way it would not reach states as critical as the ones we told you about in the previous list.

There are dynamics such as meditation, healthy eating, mindfulness, which will be great tools towards a sustainable recovery over time.

If the situation has progressed, then it is important to visit your family doctor or a psychologist to make a responsible and accurate diagnosis.

Surely, depending on your context and your circumstances, the treatment may vary, but I would start by reducing or avoiding for a period of time, the spaces where this sensation increases, the most common is to take work leave.

Beyond taking a break from work responsibilities and some personal ones, it is essential that the person who suffers from it does everything on their part to adopt healthy habits.

This will be a great victory and without a doubt, they will make the person find reasons why they want to commit to being an active part of their improvement.

Finally, with this valuable information, you have the ability to take the first step toward problem identification.

Do not allow a syndrome like Burnout to put your money, your finances, your job or your most precious relationships at risk.

This can happen to anyone, so empathy will be the best way to deal with it.

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