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What is BTG phone and how to use it?

The BTG phone is the most efficient method to communicate with the BTG digital bank. As much as today people look for fast and modern service through chats and social networks, there are still those who prefer to talk over the phone.

In view of this, it is possible to solve problems through the BTG telephone, available 24 hours a day, and also through all means available at the BTG call center, even via WhatsApp.

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What is BTG Phone?

At the first sign of a problem or doubt about something related to the services of the btg bank, the customer has the option of contacting BTG by phone. The number is available 24 hours a day for all its customers.

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After dialing the telephone at any time, the customer will have immediate support from a specialized attendant prepared to solve problems regarding any BTG digital bank service.

How to use BTG phone?

The BTG telephone is used like any other service channel. To use it, just type the numbers into a phone or cell phone correctly and wait for a specialized attendant to answer.

The service is done in minutes and works at any time of the day, including holidays and weekends. This service method is the most traditional at BTG bank.

What is the BTG phone for?

BTG Telephone was created to be able to answer questions and problems from its customers. By calling the number provided, the customer will have direct contact with one of the BTG bank attendants and will receive all the necessary support.

What is the BTG phone for

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Through the number, it is also possible to make queries and information relevant to BTG services. Complaints and suggestions are also accepted.

What are the BTG phone numbers?

For BTG customers in capital cities, the call center number is 4007 2411. For other locations, consumers should dial: 0800 001 2511. In addition to these options, customers can contact BTG Bank through other means of contact. Check out:


Every BTG customer has many contact options, one of which is via email. [email protected] At this address, it is possible to write the problem and receive a response within a few days.

It is also possible to contact BTG bank through its official social networks, in addition to being informed about news from the digital bank.


The newest method of contacting the BGT digital bank is the application that provides a chat. After installation, it is possible to inform the bank details for the login and receive assistance through messages. Through the chat, the customer can ask questions, send complaints and suggestions.


Another way to receive service via text is with Whatsapp BTG. For this, the customer must add the number (11) 4007-2511 in the application’s contacts and send whatever is necessary. After the process, just choose from the options to continue with a more specialized service.


Another BTG service option is through the 0800 numbers. The service is available for the SAC of the digital bank. Through them, the client can consult, clarify doubts and also receive solutions for problems. Like the first option, the number is available 24 hours a day. To speak with the BTG SAC, just call 0800 772 2827.

What are the benefits of BTG phone service?

BTG’s phone support service is one of the fastest ways to get your problems resolved.

The main advantage is being able to resolve any type of problem over the phone, other modes of assistance are not as efficient. In addition, telephone contact is more personal and brings the customer closer to the specialized attendant.

Even with all the modernity present in the institutions, telephone assistance is still a method that cannot be excluded. For this reason, BTG Telephony is still available to all its customers.

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