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what is and where is the access code

Many micro and small companies in Brazil adhere to the tax regime known as Simples Nacional, or Super Simples. This tax collection model, whose objective is to make life easier for the taxpayer and the government, still raises many questions and has characteristics that are not fully understood by people.

What is and what is the function of the Simples Nacional access code, for example, is something that many people still have doubts about. In this text it will be possible to solve the questions about this and also about Simples itself. Let’s see how this works?

What this article covers:

What is Simple Nacional?

Before explaining what an access code is, it is important to first clarify what Simples Nacional is. It is, as stated above, a taxation regime, a model for collecting taxes that must be paid by small business owners or by those who are microentrepreneurs.

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This taxation model was created to make life easier for those who have small businesses and need to declare their taxes to maintain the regularity of their business. Simples Nacional has many advantages, ranging from the unification of the payment of different taxes to the reduction in the value of some specific fees.

What is the Simples Nacional access code?

Anyone who is a Simples Nacional fan also has another advantage: it is possible to have access to registration information and also to specific services through the Simples Nacional website. Simple national?? On a single platform, it is possible to request different services, in addition to accessing and issuing documents.

But to be able to access any service offered by the platform, you must have an access code. The access code, therefore, is a sequence of numbers that allows the user to enter the system and enjoy its functionalities.

In other words, the access code is a kind of password that is

generated when the company adheres to Simples Nacional. In some specific cases, it may take up to 30 days for the code to be released, so if you still don’t know yours, don’t worry.

Where is the Simples Nacional access code?

As the access code is normally generated at the time of registration of the company in Simples Nacional, it is possible that the person responsible for this process, usually an accounting professional, has this number. In this case, just ask the person who registered your company for you for the code.

If you don’t remember or simply don’t have an access code, then just go to the Simples Nacional page where changes are made to the access code, available at this link, and inform your CPF and CNPJ of the company. After that, just verify some security characters and enter the system.

Afterwards, just follow the steps determined on the platform and provide the requested information. Then, the portal will inform you of a new access code, but remember, it is a password, so do not divulge it and always keep it written down so as not to run the risk of forgetting it.

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