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What is a Giveaway and 10 successful examples of how to do it

The word has been associated with a promotion, especially on Instagram or some social network, but the literal meaning of what a giveaway ishas to do with what is given free to a customer for promotional purposes.

In addition to being a marketing strategy that has been widely used for some time now, it is a boom in social networks, so digital marketing uses this method to obtain a specific purpose.

In this article we are going to explain how you can do one effectively and 10 examples of how specific objectives have been achieved safely and with excellent results.

What is a giveaway and how to do it

We know that a giveaway is a raffle with a specific purpose.

Most people offer attractive prizes in money, services, products, courses or trips and, as we know that we all like to win something, participation will be guaranteed.

The better the prize, the more people will sign up.

As for the objectives, if you want to gain more followers, then the most important instruction for the participants will be to follow you.

In the same way, if you want more users to know you, ask them to share the post in their stories or name several friends, and if you want to create a database, request their emails.

To get the benefits of what a giveaway is, you must keep your basics clear in terms you can handle: describe the prize in detail, try to cover a concise goal and not many at once.

Examples of Successful Giveaways

Keep in mind that an attractive giveaway does not last more than 5 days, if you have not invested in advertising, making it very long makes people lose interest.

If you invested in ADS, extend it for a maximum of 10 days, with that period you will cover your target audience.

Let’s see the most successful.

1. Celebrate an achievement achieved by your social network account

To measure the power of a very effective giveaway, you can start by celebrating an achievement such as reaching a certain number of followers. It is something to be noticed with a contest, draw a discount or an attractive prize.

2. Offer a product or service

What better promotion can there be for your followers to know your brand.

From tattoos, massages, walks, photography sessions, to a product that you make, they are very attractive and you reach more users.

3. Make alliances with related accounts to promote a product

Leaning on a related brand, other than the competition, is not bad, it is a win-win, since they would be opening the field towards a new audience with all the benefits that a giveaway entails.

4. Giveaway of festive seasons

They are very common and one of the most anticipated by all users on all platforms, so you have a captive and expectant audience to participate and find out what the brands offer.

5. Give gifts on designated days (mother’s day, women’s day, children’s day)

In the same way, a gift for the mother, grandmothers, lovers, for children’s day, among the best known, will make the meaning of what a giveaway is make sense.

Adapt the prize for each of these dates.

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6. Hold a raffle for the amount of purchases

The idea is that your clientele reaches an amount of money stipulated by you to be able to enter the contest.

A variant could be with the purchase they are participating. In addition to generating sales you get all the benefits of the giveaway.

7. Flash Giveaways

A quick raffle keeps users on the lookout and always checking your account in order to participate and not miss the opportunity.

Within what is a giveaway, this generates traffic, views, recommendations, comments and is a way to keep your account in constant movement.

8. Promotions for new releases

Launches are an ideal time to use giveaways.

In addition to the excitement for the new product or service, it is a very attractive form of promotion, you can offer discounts for purchasing it, or one of your products if they meet the contest rules.

9. Reward loyalty to your brand

Creativity has no limits, so if you don’t have a large budget, come up with an award that doesn’t take you out of planning, but that puts you in the crosshairs of your target customer for thanking them for their loyalty, this is part of what a Giveaway is.

10. Make periodic raffles

Regular raffles keep the “flame alive” of your customers, they will be aware of what happens in your account and you will have recommendations, new users and therefore more sales several times a year.

Use new strategies and create connections with your followers

All these marketing alternatives are good strategies for you to build loyalty and generate connections with your followers or your clients.

Take advantage of this new dynamic and set your business goals in motion to boost your business.

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