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What If season 2 will adapt Neil Gaiman’s 1602 • ENTER.CO

This is a good weekend to stay glued to the news if you’re a fan of the MCU. During today’s Marvel panel one of the things that was shown was a first look at the second season of What If.

Unfortunately, only the people inside the panel ‘know’ exactly what the season looks like, but reporters on this site have given us a rundown of the biggest updates from the show.

When is What if 2 released?

As rumors had suggested, its release date is closer than expected with the animated anthology coming to Disney+ in 2023 (albeit without a more precise window at this time).

What versions of the MCU will we see?

During the presentation of the second season several of these alternate realities were described:

One in which the winter soldier is Steve Rogers. We don’t know if this is the same reality that Captain Carter (not the Multiverse of Madness) exists in and in which Steve apparently ended up being frozen along with the Stark suit.

One in which the Shang-Chi characters are fighting against the gods of Asgard, Odin included.

One based on Neil Gaiman’s alternate universe 1602, in which the Marvel characters are thought of within Victorian England.

An episode in which Iron Man mistakenly ends up trapped on Sakaar and in order to escape he must participate in a race.

How many chapters will it have?

Like the first season, the anthology will have nine episodes.

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