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What hidden messages are there in the photo of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí?

Gerard Piqué surrounded by members of the press in Barcelona.

Photo: PAU BARRENA / AFP / Getty Images

In the midst of all the media commotion caused by the photo that Gerard Piqué uploaded with Clara Chía Martí on Instagram, an expert in non-verbal communication identified the hidden messages in the couple’s postcard.

The selfie that the former player posted almost hugging the 23-year-old was analyzed by Juan Manuel García López, director of the European Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Civil Guard, expert in unconscious behavior and specialized in negotiation and analysis of behavior by the FBI .

Through his TikTok account, where he has 3.5 million followers and 38.1 million likes, García pointed out that this photograph was made in a “very specific way with a very clear objective.”

“They’re both looking at the target, looking at the person they’re looking at, whoever it is. Making it clear that the two are close, their heads touch. There are gestures of tranquility, calm and complicity”, he explained.

The expert ended by assuring that the couple wanted to “convey to others that they are together and that they are fine. That’s what photography means.”

This image shared by Piqué is the first that the ex-soccer player has published since he had a relationship with the young woman. The postcard exceeded 3.6 million likes and received more than 600,000 comments.

This publication by Piqué comes amid strong rumors of a conflict between the two over an alleged infidelity by the 35-year-old Catalan. Another factor that has been a breeding ground for speculation about the couple was Shakira’s last song where she hit both hard.

According to media in Spain, the media commotion would have affected Clara, causing problems in her relationship with Piqué. Meanwhile, the former defender continues to divert attention to his new Kings League project, a seven-a-side soccer league that includes streamers, former soccer players, and players.

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