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And men, who understands them? The truth is that they think and act very differently from women, which is sometimes charming, but… other times you wish you had a manual to understand them, because they make your emotions lose balance from one moment to the next. There are things that are silent, perhaps because they are insecure or because they simply need to know you more to trust you. Exactly, I’m talking about what he doesn’t want you to know, but his sign screams it.


He hides it very well, but there are things that break his heart, he has kept them for so long that tears come without warning, but he hides. It overwhelms him to know that you can find out that the worries reach up to his neck and that there are times when he just needs you to understand, that he can’t always be strong and a little encouragement would help.


There are so many things he hasn’t said, but not because he’s a liar and wants to show you another side, it’s just that he doesn’t like to feel vulnerable. He is so meticulous that he is always looking for a way to keep his head up without making any mistakes. Neverthelesshe is very afraid of not achieving his dreams, because that is exactly what motivates him every morning.


He is human like any other, that he smiles all the time, it would be absurd, it would be crazy in which emotions cannot be fully expressed. There are things that hurt him, he suffers in silence and that is why you will rarely see him complaining. If he manages to do it, it’s because he can’t take it anymore, he breaks his limits and desperately asks for an escape valve. That’s why he likes parties and being surrounded by people so much, that’s where he hides.


If that man gave you the opportunity to get inside his head for a moment, you would realize that he deals with a lot of worries, whether they are present, future or past. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to look dramatic or become a burden in your life. It is difficult for him to love himself, because he spends too much time protecting others and attending to needs that do not correspond to him.


What he does not want you to know is that he has a very crazy heart, he does not understand reasons and when he falls in love he is capable of anything. If he already told you that his love belongs to you, don’t doubt his loyalty for a second. Leo He is a very affectionate man, he likes to give you your place, but he is terrified that you will find out because he does not want to be the only one who feels that way. Being in a reciprocal relationship is his goal.


For him, life is a constant test, he is not interested in competing with anyone, the battle is with himself. It’s not that he likes to keep himself busy all the time, it’s just that it’s the only way he feels useful, because no one told him that resting is okay.. The truth is that his mind never stops, it tells him things that make him feel worthless. and that’s why he suddenly walks away, he’s annoyed.


The heart of Pound, is one of the most beautiful crafts that you can find in life. It has that sweet, crazy and intense touch that makes you fall in love. However, his pride does not allow him to show it to anyone. That is why he does not want you to know that he needs attention, to feel valued and motivated. He refuses to let you take over his responsibilities, but he doesn’t mind if you come along for the ride.


If he doesn’t want to know anything about anyone, it means that sadness has become his best company and he feels that he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t want you to know that anxiety doesn’t leave him most of the time and that when he makes the slightest mistake he beats himself up in the worst way. What he hates most is looking delicate, that’s why he hides in the fantasy, the one that everyone has created, in which he is the bad guy, but it is not true.


never assume that Sagittarius he has nothing just because of the way he smiles at you, because behind that happiness hides a lot of wounds with which he has had to learn to survive. The past cannot be erased, he knows it, but there are things that continue to make him a lump in his throat. He doesn’t want you to know that he doesn’t trust anyone because they have betrayed him too much.


Indifference is what has become his ally in those moments when he feels that everything is getting out of hand. It’s impossible for her to always have everything under control, because she also has to deal with the demons in her mind and in his heart. Although he does not show it, he is very sensitive and does not need tears to prove it. Just look deep into his gaze.


This man is inexplicably terrified to know that someone has him in the palm of his hand, because when he falls in love his feelings are the ones that take control of everything. He is very reckless in front of others, he does not conform and that is fine. However, there are things that make him very nervous and that is why he runs away. If it is his heart that starts making the decisions, he gets scared and leaves.


Usually, he is very positive when he is with you, but he has a dark side that makes him feel defeated of all the steps he takes, he gets the idea that he is not advancing enough and that devalues ​​him to such a degree that he sabotages everything. good that life offers. He doesn’t want anyone to see his pain and his memories intensify it. You don’t need to tell him anything, just show him that you’ll be there through thick and thin.

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