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What happens when you stop contributing to the INSS?

The National Institute of Social Security is the responsible public body that makes payments such as retirement, maternity leave, sickness allowance, among other public benefits.

The INSS provides benefits to citizens who have a formal contract and to the self-employed who are enrolled in Social Security. However, to acquire them, it is necessary to make a monthly payment.

Therefore, the worker who fails to contribute to this body will automatically lose these advantages and the grace period, which serves as a ticket for some Social Security rights. This grace period consists of the amount of time and value that the employee contributed, so that the right can be requested.

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However, each beneficial has a specific deadline, these are:

  • Retirement by age: Minimum period of 180 months;
  • Disability pension: Minimum period of 10 months
  • Sickness benefit: Minimum period of 12 months;
  • Maternity allowance: Minimum period of 12 months;
  • Imprisonment allowance: Minimum period of 24 months.

If these advantages are lost, the worker must contribute at least half of the time that the grace period requires in order to have the status of insured.

What this article covers:

Grace period for the INSS contribution

Its function consists of the continuity of benefits even without a contribution to the body or performance in any activity linked to social Security?? Something that is collaborating a lot during this current pandemic scenario, since many people have become unemployed and without financial conditions.

However, this period will depend on the Insured and the number of contributors. Those who have provided a total of up to 120 contributions will receive 12 months of the Grace Period. And those who supplied more than 120 will have a longer period, which can reach 24 months.

For those who were fired, this period is extended for another 12 months, and those who prove that they are in voluntary unemployment, will receive a total of one year more. Those who made the contribution in the optional modality will receive 6 months, and 3 months will be given to those who serve in the army on a mandatory basis.

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