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What happens to the body if you stop eating sugar?

Are you addicted to sweets? So, find out what happens to the body if you stop eating sugar in the short, medium and long term.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the body if you stop eating sugar?

In recent years, several studies have shown that sugar is capable of raising levels of inflammation in the body, which may be the cause of pathologies such as diabetes or the cardiovascular problems.

Although it is really difficult to eliminate this ingredient 100% from our daily diet, it is worth knowing what happens to the body if we stop eating sugar.

Reactions to sugar withdrawal are felt in the short, medium and long term. Check out your body’s response as you stop consuming sugary foods.

A day without sugar

If you usually eat sugar every day, then know that it is enough to spend a day without consuming it to feel headaches, irritability and moodiness. This is because sugar helps release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

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A week without sugar

After a week without sugar, if you do tests, you will see that your insulin levels and your anti-inflammatory responses have improved. In addition, the skin is likely to be clearer, and with a fresher and healthier appearance. You are also likely to stop feeling bloated after meals.

One month without sugar

Even after a month it is normal that you still feel like ingesting sugary ingredients. However, the uncontrollable craving for sweets will already have subsided.

In addition, neurological and immune system improvements will start to make themselves felt. Glycemic indices also begin to stabilize, headaches to decrease and intestinal health to improve.

Half a year without sugar

If you manage to go six months without eating sugar, you will no longer feel a great appetite for this ingredient.

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In addition, the likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes is smaller, as well as suffering from premature aging. Your skin will look great and your good mood will be felt.

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A year without sugar

Living a year without ingesting sugar may seem like an “impossible mission”, but it is not. Although you won’t forget the sweet taste, the advantages of going 12 months without consuming sugar are more than many.

Your skin will be free of problems such as acne or fine lines. Levels of irritability are lower and the relationship with food will be healthier in many ways.

However, it is important to stress that all these benefits are only possible if abstinence from sugar is accompanied by a balanced lifestyle, characterized by a healthy diet and daily exercise.

Challenge yourself and, even if you don’t give up sugar consumption 100%, try to reduce it and you will see that the impact on your health will always be positive.

Start with a gradual reduction, so that your body adapts to not taking this ingredient.

If you find it difficult to put this reduction into practice, consult a doctor or nutritionist to accompany you and guide you on this journey!

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